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Imagine being overjoyed at being cast in a dream role, persevering through months of intense work on set, putting your life and soul into a character... to then find out that your voice was dubbed out of the movie entirely upon final release.

Well, this has occurred to a fair share of actors in Hollywood, including some of the biggest stars in the business.

The following 7 actors have been subjected to the most merciless dub-outs in the entertainment industry.

1. Andie MacDowell in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan

Andie's first major film role saw her step in the shoes of Tarzan's Jane, which is all well and good, especially considering that she won the role over top-contender Glenn Close.

The irony came later however - in the final cut of the film, Andie's Southern drawl is dubbed-over and you'll never guess by who... Glenn Close! How embarrassing for both of them, to be honest.

2. David Prowse in Star Wars Original Series

Perhaps one of the most famous cases of dubbing, Prowse's Bristolian burr as Darth Vader was over-dubbed by James Earl Jones. It seemed that the actor's heavy West Country English accent just did not suit the part of the villainous Sith, with the other actors even calling him "Darth Farmer" behind his back.

When he was over-dubbed by James Earl Jones (also the voice of Mufasa in The Lion King coincidentally!), Prose bizarrely stated on record that he thought he was a victim of "reverse racism." Somehow, I don't think that was the issue at hand...

Check out this awesome featurette to get a glimpse of what kind of voice Darth Vader could have had:

3. Chris Farley in Shrek

DreamWorks had already completed 90% of the voice recording for Shrek when Chris tragically passed away. Of course, the producers didn't have much of a choice in replacing him, but it is still kind of cruel that Farley's voice never made it into the final movie.

Instead, Mike Myers took over the main role and admittedly, did a pretty good job!

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Hercules in New York

When Arnie was cast in Hercules in New York he was still a relatively unknown actor. All the producers knew, however, that while the Austrian looked damn good, his accent certainly didn't sound it.

His voice was replaced with a very conservative accent, which today, is incredibly entertaining to watch because as far as I know, Arnie's heavy Austrian drawl has become his defining feature in Hollywood.

Just check out the difference between the original and dubbed version - it's hilarious:

5. Jeff East in Superman

Jeff East was cast as the young Superman partly due to his likeness to Christopher Reeve. Unfortunately, the casting team thought that while the resemblance was uncanny, the vocal difference between the two actors was just too much.

Eventually all of East's dialogue was removed and replaced with a dubbed over Christopher Reeve.

Later in an interview, the young actor made his opinion on the matter very clear indeed:

“[I was] not happy about it because the producers never told me what they had in mind! It was done without my permission … Chris did a good job, but it caused tension between us!”

6. Eva Mendes in Exit Wounds

Attending the first viewing of the finished movie with her parents, Eva Mendes found out that she had been stripped of her voice the hard way. And the worst was yet to come; when she demanded why her voice had been cut, the producers said that it was because it didn't sound intelligent enough. Poor Eva!

Watch her recall the entire experience in an interview back in 2013:

7. Mel Gibson in Mad Max

This one is really quite bizarre.

While it is somewhat understandable that the cast was dubbed-over for the American release of Mad Max (they all had pretty heavy Australian accents!), the fact that Mel was also voiced-over is strange.

After all, he's quite good at an American accent considering he was in fact BORN in America! Strange, indeed.



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