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Disney movies have become famous for the grisly ends that their villains meet despite the fact that their main audience are children, but the House of Mouse has actually spared a lot of its most despicable villains from meeting the ultimate punishment.

While the Evil Queen might have been crushed by a boulder and Ursula impaled on the bow of a ship, the likes of Captain Hook, Jafar, and the deceitful Hans all met different - but often more humiliating punishments as their just desserts.

Below is a round-up of some of the most despicable Disney villains who managed to escape the Grim Reaper, but do you think sparing them added to the storyline, or were you bloodthirsty for a more final end?

13. Jafar (Aladdin)

What was their fate: In the first movie, Aladdin imprisons Jafar inside a lamp after his megalomania and greed causes him to wish to become a genie, and conveniently forgets the bonds of slavery being such a powerful entity also entails.

Jafar does eventually meet his doom in Aladdin: The Return of Jafar, but it looks like he lives on in the underworld with Hades after he was seen in the Styx river on the Hercules TV show.


Do you think Jafar should have died?

12. Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians)

What was their fate: Cruella de Vil's erratic, rage fueled driving leads to her having a pretty serious collision, but even though the vehicle was smashed to pieces, her pencil-thin frame was miraculously unscathed.


Do you think Cruella should have died?

11. Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

What was their fate: In what is perhaps a fate worse than death, Captain Hook is subjected to a lifetime of being chased by the gnashing jaws of the ticking crocodile that haunts his nightmares. Oh, and he almost gets devoured by a kraken (or giant octopus) in Return to Neverland for good measure. There really is no rest for the wicked.


Do you think Captain Hook should have died?

10. Madame Medusa (The Rescuers)

What was their fate: When Penny escapes Madame Medusa by hijacking her swamp-mobile, the diamond crazed villain refuses to give up and ends up water skiing straight into her angry crocodile's jaws. We last see Medusa (who gave me a life long fear of false eyelashes) clinging onto a wooden pole with the crocs, Brutus and Nero, snapping at her feet.


Do you think Madame Medusa should have died?

9, 8 and 7: Shenzi, Banzai and Ed (The Lion King)

What was their fate: Scar's band of hyenas turned out to be less loyal than he would have hoped when they hear of his betrayal and tear him to shreds as revenge for his derogatory treatment. The unholy trinity flee at the end of The Lion King and have brief cameos in The Lion King 1.5 (who knew that was a thing?), but they never meet their ends.


Do you think the hyenas should have died?

6. Stromboli (Pinocchio)

What was their fate: It's unknown exactly what happened to he of the terrifying lips, Stromboli, but he probably went bankrupt after Pinocchio escaped.


Do you think Stomboli should have died?

5. Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove)

What was their fate: Yzma chugs one of the potions she has been seeking end ends up becoming a cat with an impossibly cutesy voice (much to her outrage), despite a high adrenaline where she falls off of a roof, Yzma manages to land on her feet, although she is punished. The poor kitty must undergo the torture of being taught squirrel language by her foolish henchman Kronk.


Do you think Yzma should have died?

4. Lady Tremaine (Cinderella)

What was their fate: In the original Cinderella, Lady Tremaine is humiliated when her lowly maid produces the other glass slipper, despite her wanton acts of sabotage. By the end of Cinderella III: A Twist in Time she is traipsing around in rags with her daughter Grizella, under the service of her former maid - which makes me see the supposedly compassionate and good-natured Cinderella in a whole different light!


Do you think Lady Tremaine and Lucifer should have died?

3. Shere Khan (The Jungle Book)

What was their fate: Shere Khan attempts to make the tenacious Mowgli bow down to him, but the man-cub is having none of it because he has a secret weapon: Fire. After battering Baloo within an inch of his life and terrorizing the foppish vultures, Shere Khan clearly thinks he is victorious, that is until Mowgli ties a flaming branch to his tail and sends the sociopathic tiger running into the jungle in terror. In the second Jungle Book, Shere Khan is imprisoned on a platform in a pit of lava, but we never know if he escapes or not...


Do you think Shere Khan should have died?

2. Madam Mim (The Sword in the Stone)

What was their fate: Madam Mim, my favorite ever Disney villain, challenged Merlin to a wizard's duel but went in with all the wrong tactics. While she became an enormous dragon, Merlin transformed into a tiny germ which infected Madam Mim and left her bedridden and in the mercy of the sunshine, which, of course, her being a dark sorceress and all, she hated with a burning passion.


Do you think Madam Mim should have died?

1. Hans (Frozen)

What was their fate: After duping Anna in one of the most cold-hearted moves ever seen from a Disney villain, the duplicitous Hans' plan comes unravelled when his intended victim survives his evil scheme to overrule the kingdom. Not only does he not become king, but Hans also gets a humiliating punch right in the kisser and is imprisoned for his 12 angry brothers to deal with. Ouch.


Do you think Hans should have died?

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