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Sometimes I play video games.
Rob Harris

Not so long ago, advertising tended to be much more blatant about its gender politics, regularly using imagery that, nowadays, would be considered outrageously sexist. Companies had the freedom to be a lot more brazen and risqué in their advertising, producing vintage doozies like this one:

As this not so subtle image makes clear, gaming was seen as the exclusive domain of the man, with associated marketing heavily reflecting that unbalanced perspective. The result? Blatant pandering to the horny adolescent male through commercials that are both hilariously transparent and depressingly sleazy.

50 shades of play

Are we meant to be a douchebag boyfriend, or a sadistic serial killer with a Tetris fetish?

Er, that's a little personal

Because if you're lacking excitement in the bedroom, video games are definitely the answer.

Expert wordplay

Eh, eh, get it? Because 'bust' also means...oh, never mind.

Dear god, run for your life woman!

Robin Thicke comes to mind.

'I play better with my eyes closed'

Spot the subtle use of phallic imagery!

One more game

Those graphics are pretty dope.

Shoot that moon!

I see what you did there.

First world problems

Patrick Bateman makes an unlikely cameo appearance.

No, I didn't notice

More 'uncannily creepy' than 'beautiful'.

Fake smiling women sold separately

'Super sexy and lean' is definitely referring to the console.

What exactly are the spoils you're referring to?


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