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With 'Hotel' opening its doors this October, every 'American Horror Story' fan in the world is super excited- myself included! That's why I searched the web and I found 5 canvas wall artworks that you will absolutely love!

5. Wir Sind Alle Freaks

Let's remember the last season. A killer clown, a ''mommy's boy'' and a creepy circus! Last season was truly epic! This canvas will make a perfect addition to your house! (Source)

4. Devil Used to Be God's Favourite

I also liked season 1. Especially Tate as a ghost! I think I'm going to put this canvas in my bedroom! I'm sure you won't be dissapointed! (Source)

3. Elizabeth

Ok If you don't take this one then I will! I always wanted Gaga on my wall and this is a peferct canvas for your house! (Source)

2. Tate Is the Darkness

Do I need to say more? I'm sure that every one of you will get this canvas! It's absolutely amazing! (Source)

1. Seasons

And for the last one, all the 'American Horror Story' seasons are included! Now that's a reason to rewatch them all! Great! (Source)

I hope you loved all these canvas as much as I did! We'll have to wait for hotel, but until then watch these amazing teasers!


Are you excited for American Horror Story: Hotel?


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