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Hello, my name is Karina. A year ago, (August 28th) I started writing on Moviepilot. No, scratch that. I needed a place to show my appreciation for True Blood. I thought that Rappler would be an appropriate place to write about the show I truly loved, but I figured that I probably need to have a 'pitch' approved. Being a 15 year-old who just needs the world to know how much I love something nobody in my class seemed to care about, I visited a mutual Truebie's twitter, because I once saw the link for Moviepilot on her account (TrueBloodHuka).

So, I began. It all started as seven 'thank you' notes for True Blood since that's the magical years the show ran for. A few moments after publishing, Kat Bacon commented that she loved the gifs! I was so flattered.

Anyway, looking back, I now kind of hated what I wrote. Especially at that time, I saw people constantly blaming Brian Buckner for the show's 'ugly turn'. I kind of believed that, because I binge-watched the show for a month just before the sixth season began, I'd disagree - needless to say, I was pretty confused with what was happening. I felt like it was being horribly rushed. I even tried to reason with myself that it's just a show, but I just got too invested in it .

I tried watching it in as early as 4th grade. I mean, Anna Paquin is in it, it is a story about vampires, werewolves, telepaths and other supernaturals. I loved Anna since I was a kid and I knew I'd love her here. But then again, I was nine, I didn't understand much and I found it too campy for my liking. After an uneventful 10 minutes, and a cat's death, I turned off the TV. I didn't even recognize Anna because she was blonde. Clearly, me seeing her at 6 years old in Fly Away Home and X-Men was a really long time ago. Since then, I still occasionally watch True Blood. Heck, I even compared it to the vampire telenovela airing in my own country (IMORTAL) for its allusions. So, I decided the next time True Blood aired, I would watch it.

If memory serves me right, True Blood had a marathon before the fifth season's finale, and I made my entire extended family watch it (though they were actually busy doing something else).To be honest though, I haven't had the time to watch much of the marathon either. The part that got my attention, however, was when the little closet Sanguinista was caught red-handed by Roman before the kid could explain, he was staked on the spot. Shame. He was literally the youngest member of the authority.

I was also perplexed, yet amused, when Bill was watching Eric and Nora as they were hallucinating on Lilith's blood and Godric appeared to them.

I was perplexed when I saw Lilith naked because I wasn't used to seeing those things on cable TV; and then she killed Godric (again) in front of the latter's progenies. I swear, those were my fondest memories of True Blood (I even thought Bill was a sadistic arse). I still didn't fully understand the story (that was probably around late 2012; I was in 2nd year).

In Summer 2013, I saw this Hilary Duff movie called Beauty and The Briefcase and thought it was really cute, fun and fluffy. I watched it several times throughout the summer and to this dayit remains one of my favorite movies to share on a slumber party. I just loved it. I was overseas when I first saw it and I found Michael McMillian really charming, so I looked him up and saw that he currently portrays Steve f*cking Newlin in TRUE BLOOD!! That did it for me; I knew I had to watch it again! I had roughly 5 weeks before the 6th season began and I was determined to watch all the seasons when I got back home.

Imagine, Anna Paquin (one of my favorites) and Michael (my new favorite) were both starring in the same show! My heart fluttered with excitement.

Now, I still continue to write on Moviepilot for a variety of reasons:

The Love For All Things TV and Movies

For a long time I've been waiting for a place to write about all the stuff I love and to hopefully meet fellow fans that can relate to the dedication towards all these fandoms. MP is the perfect place to write about things you geek about and I'm so glad I eventually found this site. Your article may or may not be shared on MP's facebook pages, but it is always bound to be found by someone and that itself is a starting point towards getting your voice heard on a higher level. I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone here at Moviepilot, from all the friendly and approachable staff to my readers for making my one-year journey awesome.

Sure, I don't know everyone, but they've all been very helpful and welcoming. They've also launched Moviepilot University, a 6-week program to help creators improve their writing.

So keep an eye out for the MP Community posts for the next one, and keep writing awesome stuff!
So keep an eye out for the MP Community posts for the next one, and keep writing awesome stuff!

Fans who love to share their opinions will have a better chance to be seen and heard here and that's one of the reasons why I love it! I wanted to stop writing once True Blood ended, but this website is so engaging and I found writing fun.

Writing with a purpose

The 'writing with a purpose' came as a surprise to me. Without MP, all these opinions, frustrations and ideas I have about entertainment would remain as ideas. Hence, I kept writing after True Blood.

This year, I achieved my personal goals in writing - to write with a purpose, and have my favorite icons notice my work (see my fan story about Phineas and Ferb) and they have!

Whether it's a certain number of reads, or getting noticed by someone you admire, MP is the best and easiest place to write about it - also, they have perks, which is just a bonus! (Because the satisfaction you get just from writing on Moviepilot is priceless.)

Now, I don't just write essays for English homework or school papers anymore, I write to voice what I think, to a much bigger audience that I can engage with - so they will share their opinions with me too.

Dedication is an awesome fan trait

I went dark and never went back. Just kidding. I never realized fan-dedication to TV shows (and all things entertainment) could be so powerful before True Blood's sixth season began. I even got two of my friends to join me on the dark side - though, they're not much of a sucker as I am for it. It was good knowing I made at least two people care about my favorite show (all my classmates get annoyed whenever I read them TB news). Towards the end of the sixth season, I found out that the seventh season would be the last. I felt like being staked through the heart!


That being said, as I waited for the seventh season, I re-watched and analyzed the show. I pondered what was getting all the fans riled up, (which is when it became pretty obvious that the story became rushed). I still love the show though, and while I can be considered a 'newbie', I panned all the criticisms about it and focused more on trying to SAVE the show - signing petitions here and there to bring it back, so to speak. But, since efforts are proven to be futile, I just knew I had to pay my last respects to the last call once the show ends. Thus, before that happened in my country, I have already drafted a hastily written 'Thank You' note (I thought it was a clever pun) which again brings us back to why I've written on MP. There's little chance that my favorite actors will see this note, I wrote it nonetheless. Looking back now, I'm not very proud of my first post (especially when I added honest opinions before the 'Thank You' notes) but it gave me a sense of closure. I still love the show, the cast and the characters, everything and everyone, and I still quite miss it over a year later.

True Blood had been extraordinary in its course and the same can be said to The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris (from which the show was loosely based). With the laurels it garnered during its prime, I feel like the show is what regenerated the significance of mythological creatures such as vampires, werewolves and other supes - since Buffy and Angel that is - for a new era in television.

Now I'm a little older, I now understand the metaphors True Blood was conveying. Writing about it here at Moviepilot is the best thing I ever did since rediscovering it again.


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