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...naps of it! One time i was in my mums bedroom at the side of her bed on the floor playing with my toys, and then my eyes started to feel funny and then flickcering loads i felt my body go limp as if id left it i wasntt scared at all my eyes were rolling back into my head then back to the room i stood up in this vision then my mum cane into the room screaming at me to get out! Then it was really hot my skin was burning melting off me my mums face was melting to the floor in front of me all the time she was screaming get out now!! As i was running to the bedroom door the wardrobe door flung open and my little brother was in there all black and burnt just his piercing blue eyes looking at me. then he started to scream (by now i was shi**ing myself) i tried to run from the room but couldnt run past the wardrobe!! Then all of a sudden i was back in the room i had my toy clutched in my hand so hard it had cut my skin!! I was sweating and terrified i looked at the wardrobe and then the door then the walls it was a dream! (Or so i thought!) just then my mum came into he room and asked if i was ok as she had heard me screaming! For days after i was haunted and kept telling my mum about the dream i was so paraniod about the fire i could t sleep! Then one night i was awake downstairs with my mum (as i couldn't sleep) and i could smell smoke i kept saying i could and she'd sayy shush or its my cig. People driving past the house were signalling my mum to the upstairs sindows and she was telling them where to go. Then i persisted to nag my mum about the smoke then she saidhangg on a minute i haven't had a cig go and check on your brother and sister. So i ran off threw the house to the stairs and there it was the orange walls!! My little brother had set fire to my mums bed which had gone up like a dream the room was filled with flames i made it to the top of the stairs then collapeed back down the steps!! The smoke was unreal i screamed for my mum!!! My little brother was hiding in the wardrobe but fortuantely kyy was found in time he thought it would be safe in there. If i had of been asleep as normal that night i dontt think idd be here now neither would my brother or sister. We had the fire bragade come into school a week later to tell us all what to do in the event of a fire (not hiding in wardrobes was a big piont) . Imm constanlty being told i have a great spirit and my aura is very calming and peaceful fIvee also been told i have the ability to talk to the spirts if idd just let them. Imm way to scared ! I always tend to have cats (random strays or owend ones) follow me or come over to me. Itss pretty much the same with all animals tbh haha!! Strange stuff is always happening to me i have so many stories to tell!

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