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Cast your minds back if you will, and try to remember the adorable, but mischievous blonde boy Dennis in the 1993 movie Dennis the Menace. The movie was a staple in my household, mostly because Dennis had an awesome slingshot, and because of the scene where he feeds his kidnapper a huge can of beans and he farts into the fire. But I digress.

In the film you may remember the scene when George Wilson is planning a big viewing party for his rare flower which only blooms once every 40 years. Unfortunately for Mr. Wilson, Dennis ruins the occasion (trying to tell him about a robbery) and he misses the rare flower. Well, while the flower in the film was fake, it turns out that it was based on a very real flower that blooms only a few times in its life, and also happens to smell disgusting!

The plant is called the titan arum, or corpse flower and over the weekend thousands of people lined up to see one that was blooming in the Denver Botanic Gardens.

A volunteer at the gardens describes the flower blooming as "the equivalent of the circus coming to town,” and admits he finds it a little odd that people are lining up for something that "smells like a combination of Limburger cheese and gym socks." Barf!

Unlike Mr. Wilson's flower, the titan arum can grow up up to 10 feet and has dark purple petals, so despite the smell it's still a very impressive flower.

Mr Wilson with his plant in Dennis the Menace
Mr Wilson with his plant in Dennis the Menace

For those not brave enough to smell the flower, which some have described as smelling like "old cabbage, maybe a couple of dead mice,” the bloom was broadcast live over StinkyCam.

Luckily for those in charge of this plant, it appears as though the viewing experience hasn't been ruined by any slingshot-toting, blonde haired boys - though perhaps the horrible smell was enough to keep them away.

Source: MTV


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