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You decide it’s much safer to avoid the streets. At the moment, they’re going to be filled with the most desperate, terrified and hysterical people. Plus, you still simply do not know what’s out there.

That night, you realise you made the right decision. ‘Something’ soon got among the looting crowds and with the streets congested with terrified townsfolk, there was a bloodbath. Corpses now litter the sidewalks, but even more disturbingly, many of them appear to be pulling themselves along, wandering aimlessly and forming into mass hordes. You manage to pick up a radio signal which speaks of the apocalypse, 'the walking dead' and family members eating each other alive.

After several days, the streets become quieter, you haven’t seen any of the ‘dead’ for 24 hours. However, with your supplies now critically low you have no choice but to head out in search of food and water.

On your way out of your apartment block, you hear a banging commotion inside the apartment of old Mr. Reiniger. Do you investigate or head on out into the street?

With your supplies now depleted you are forced to head out in search of more. However, you hear a strange noise coming from the apartment of a neighbour. Do you investigate or ignore it and move on quickly?

Just move on

Investigate the sound


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