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I was quite upset when Harry Hart was killed by Valentine. He is the main character, why did his life get cut short? In my opinion he was the most-loved character of the film. After Harry's father died, and Eggsy was given the Medal, Harry was Eggsy's mentor, almost like a father to him. Harry trained him and chose him for the next Lancelot (unfortunately in training he lost to Roxy due to the inability to shoot his dog) and was disappointed in him. They would have settled the score later, but unfortunately Harry had been killed in the line of action after killing almost everyone in the church after Valentine's SD card was tested, (It was proven that it affected everyone- those who had it and those who did not) and Harry turned on everyone just as he was about to leave, (Valentine's card targeted the section of the brain where aggression is released, causing people to attack and kill one another) And after he killed everyone, he was surrounded by Valentine's agents and his sidekick, Gazelle, where Valentine then proceed to kill Harry with a bullet to the head, which saddened me to the point I had cried. Harry gives me the vibe of a father who helped a troubled teen get back into society. In a way, Harry was Eggsy's alternate father, as Harry stood up for him in the bar fight (Thus Harry uttered his famous quote "Manners. Maketh. Man.") And protected Eggsy, causing everyone to turn unconscious, and taking Eggsy under his wing to give him a better chance in life, and make himself someone to be remembered. Harry also got Eggsy out of the police station after Eggsy had harassed someone, and stole their car whilst driving recklessly in the streets of London, creating attention by the police, who then arrested Eggsy, threatening to put him in jail for a year and six months. Eggsy made the call to the Kingsman base, where Eggsy uttered the saying that Harry told him to tell the attendant should he need it urgently; "Oxfords not Brogues..?" (Unsure of how to spell it) and Harry got him out, telling Eggsy who he was, and that he got him out.

Harry was the most inspirational character I've ever seen in any movie, and he is basically a father to Eggsy, who was a troubled teen due to his situation at home, helping him and turning him into something good. If Harry had been alive at the end, he would have been proud of Eggsy for terminating Valentine and Gazelle, just like any father would. Harry taught Eggsy lessons in life, Eggsy had survival skills. The two of them made one hell of a duo, and it's a shame a major piece of the duo was gone. Harry helped Eggsy, and in turn Eggsy had a mentor to go to of he needed any help, and to talk to when no one else had listened to him. Please, bring Harry back!

So, in other words, Bring Harry Back!



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