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At D23 last weekend, Star Wars revealed a photo of the cast from Rogue One! The photo looks AMAZING! It's dark and gritty, and Felicity Jones looks great as the lead actor!

Just a few hours ago, actor Donnie Yen released a new image on Facebook! Let's break it down!

We have our first official image of the imperial soldiers from Rogue One!

Starting of with the most obvious, we have the return of the episode IV helmet. This wasn't a big surprise, since the story takes place between episode III and IV. Also a few weeks ago, we saw some leaked photos from the set.

So we already knew that episode IV stormtroopers would return!

This helmet looks great! I have a feeling that this is our new pilot helmet. Black stormtroopers in star wars has earlier been the pilot and death star trooper:

But also, it may be an early shadow-trooper!

The last helmet, I found to be the most interesting! This is something we haven't seen before. It's tan, with a new shape. I have a strong feeling that this is our new scout-trooper! It seems like it takes inspiration from the clone wars. It has the same mouth-piece as the scout-troopers. And it has some sort of protection/glasses on top(?)

At first, I thought it looked like Rako Hardeen:

It has some similarities, but I think it looks more like the AT-RT troopers:

There was another leaked photo from set, where we could see the rebels fighting the empire on a "beach-looking" area!

It seems like this soldier will fight on this battlefield! They have the right camouflage color, and I believe they are scouts because of the forrest area!

Last week I wrote an article about what I believe this movie will look like, based on the cast and crew! Check it out here!

This is just speculation, and that's what so cool about these movies! That we can come together and talk about it! What do you think? I'd love to talk to you in the comments!


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