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Galactus is coming to destroy Earth, the world's heroes (Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Defenders, etc.) are no more due to the Infinity War, and I have to protect what is mine. Meaning that I must destroy HIM before he reaches Earth. A suicide mission, you say? Yeah, your probably right, but I have a few special skills up my sleeve!

1. Strong Willpower (Green Lantern: Justice League: War)

How would any task, large or small, be fulfilled without the ability of willpower? Green Lantern possesses an unlimited source of willpower, he can literally lift skyscrapers if he willed it. Also, his willpower has allowed him to fight against the likes of gods, from Superman to Darkseid! This ability could prove very useful when battling Galactus.

2. Time Travel (Dastan: Prince of Persia)

Now just in case I were to screw up and things do not go as planned, I need a Plan B... That's where time travel comes in! If I can possess the ability of time travel, I could go back in time to change the outcome of unfortunate events and possibly shift the odds back into my favor. Only problem with this skill is that it has limited use, meaning I only get a couple of tries and then the ability of time travel is no more. So I must choose wisely as to when and how to use this very fragile skill!

3. Insanity (Deadpool: Deadpool)

And finally, who in their right mind would go up against such an enemy as Galactus ON THEIR OWN? Meaning I need a special touch of insanity, and not just any kind of insanity, I need fourth-wall-breaking level insanity! That's where Deadpool's craziness comes in. This mad man's insanity has allowed him to think WAY outside of the box and have enough balls to go up against a planet-snorting moon, and nearly every known hero or villain in the Marvel Universe, including Galactus. Given this skill with my other two skills of willpower and time travel, I would believe Galactus does not even stand a chance against me, the universe is at my fingertips!

I will just utilize my insanity and willpower to create a weapon powerful enough to take down Galactus, and if things were to go wrong I will just travel back in time to try things differently.

What do you think of my mission? Think I will succeed given my skills? Would you have done things differently? Comment down below!


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