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The Merc with a Mouth is a man of many trades. He's a killer, a hero (sometimes), a comedian, and kind of a pervert. But when it comes to his charming personality, Deadpool isn't alone. Throughout the Multiverse, a handful of different versions of the mercenary dwell in their own twisted little worlds. The 2013 series Deadpool Kills Deadpool gave us a great look at an infinite amount of other Deadpools across the Multiverse. Now without further ado, let's check out the seven best versions of Deadpool!

1. Headpool

Funny thing about this Deadpool, is that when he's not being carried, you can see him flying through the air, wearing a helmet with propellers. It's pretty hilarious. Headpool is from Earth-2149 and was infected by a virus that turned many superhumans, including himself, into flesh eating zombies that retained their intelligence. Even though most zombies were destroyed, some survived and began to search for other worlds to feed on. Earth-616 was one of the worlds that they located, and Headpool was sent through the Nexus of Realities to create a trap for the super team, the 'Command', but his body was mutilated when thrown into the roaring fan of a swamp boat. Fortunately for him, his head survived the incident.

2. Deadpool the Duck

This little fella came from Duckworld, of course, later being retconned to Earth-791021. He was recruited by the evil version of the Deadpool Corps and was convinced by Dreadpool to join him in killing every Deadpool of the Multiverse. Unfortunately, he himself was killed. I say unfortunately, because who wanted to see this guy go? I mean, he's Deadpool, but a duck. A DUCK!

3. Lady Deadpool

Wanda Wilson is the female counterpart of Deadpool from Earth-3010. Wanting to belong and feel wanted, she joined a group of rebels who were fighting against loyalists in the United States. The loyalists were led by General America, Earth-3010's Steve Rogers. Lady Deadpool once teamed up with Deadpool from Earth-616 as well as Headpool to fight the General. General America was defeated when Headpool bit into his right arm, leaving him in shock before being knocked unconscious.

4. Kidpool

Wade Wilson of Earth-10330 was a new student of the Xavier Orphanage for Troubled Boys. Due to his troubling tendencies and juvenile antics, he didn't fit in very well with the rest of the super-powered students. He was shunned by not only the students, but the faculty as well, leaving him a very lonely child. Kidpool once convinced Scott Summers to escape from their detention to attend the prom, where he could hook him up with Jean Grey.

At the prom, the child version Deadpool stirred up a bit of chaos, starting a fight with Logan and nearly all of the other students in the orphanage. Mistress Storm was the one to stop the fight, while Wade was made fun of by everyone around him. Realizing he didn't fit in, Kidpool decided to leave the orphanage, and at that same moment, Deadpool from Earth-616 appeared and recruited him into the Deadpool Corps to save the Multiverse.

5. Evil Deadpool

What's up with that arm??
What's up with that arm??

This version of Deadpool is from Earth-616 and is made up of the many parts of Deadpool that have been cut off over the years. They were collected and thrown into a freezer by DP's stalker Ella Whitby. When the mercenary found them, he was so disgusted that he threw them into a dumpster. Because all of the parts had Deadpool's healing factor, they all fused together, forming the Evil Deadpool. His lack of a conscience made him much more dangerous than the original.

6. Dogpool

From Earth-103173, this little guy was used in a testing of Mascara X, a lipstick that could replenish itself after being rubbed off. After the experiment, Dogpool obtained the ability to heal from any wound. Before his lab owners discovered his new abilities, they left him for dead in the bottom of a dumpster. He eventually made his way to the circus, where he became a star until Deadpool from Earth-616 recruited him into the Deadpool Corps.

7. Galactipool

Last but not least, Galactipool! There's not much to the Wade Wilson of Earth-TRN319 other than the fact that he was recruited by Deadpool into the Deadpool Corps, and was later killed by Lady Deadpool after she crashed the Bea Arthur into his head. An awesome, yet short-lived life.

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