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Everyone, no matter who you are, grew up watching Disney animated films. Disney is a staple among households and is a favorite as it pertains to children. I grew up in the Pixar era of Disney films but luckily for me, my sisters handed down their old Disney VHS tapes that I enjoyed throughout my childhood. It was hard for me to choose one of the many films that are so near and dear to my heart but I have compiled a list of my top 5 favorite Disney animated films!

#5 Beauty and the Beast

Laugh all you want, but I really love Disney princess movies. Beauty and the Beast always stood out to me. The characters were so original and crazy and it made it impossible not to laugh. I usually hate and I mean HATE musical scenes but these were actually quite enjoyable. The moral of Beauty and the Beast's story is in my opinion the most powerful and thought provoking of all the Disney films. To show that no matter what someone looks like or where they came from, everyone is capable of experiencing love. A truly amazing film, Beauty and the Beast is definitely one that I intend to watch with my children one day and will love forever.

#4 Monsters Inc.

I absolutely loved Monsters Inc. when I was young. It was one of the first films I remember going to the theater and seeing and I remember my sister picking up the VHS they day that it was released for me. The idea behind Monsters Inc. is pretty ingenious. The film plays on the idea of the monsters that we think hide in our closets and under our bed and turns them into a whole other world similar to ours. This is probably the funniest out of all the Disney films on this list annd it will leave you crying of both laughter and sadness.

#3 Mulan

Mulan is one of those films that I never got around to watching until I was a bit older and I instantly loved it. A truly inspiring story for gender equality and it was exhibited to great effect. I always loved the story behind Mulan especially for young girls. It shows that no matter whate race, age, or gender you can do anything you put your minds too. Of course, with any Disney film comes the comedy and it is top notch within Mulan. With voice acting from Eddie Murphy, how could you possibly go wrong? Mulan will continue to be legendary and one of the best animated films ever.

#2 The Lion King

Ahh yes, the legend of The Lion King only gets bigger as the years go on. Easily one of the greatest films ever to be created, The Lion King infused biblical tales of of Joseph and Moses and the Shakespearean play Hamlet and conveyed this through a African kingdom of lions. The story gets me tearing up every time but it always manages to sneak in a few jokes to turn that frown upside down. We get introduced into my personal favorite Disney characters Timon and Pumba, who later got a spin-off show on Disney channel. The animation is absolutely beautiful, portraying the African plains to perfection, The Lion King continues to capture children's imaginations and make adults cry. Hakuna Matata my friends.

#1 Lilo and Sitch

Lilo and Stitch is #1 on my list really based on sentimental value alone but that doesn't dispute the fact that it is an amazing film and one of the best Disney films to date. Me and my long time girlfriend watched this film in the infancy of our relationship and the memories I took from that experience have stuck with me since then. The crazy alien Stitch and the short tempered Lilo make an amazing pair and both me and my girlfriend draw comparisons from these characters. Lilo and Stitch was THE Disney film when I was younger and I believe most within my age demographic would agree that the story captured our hearts both with laughter and tears and will forever live on to be legendary.

Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind- Lilo



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