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... even though Hulk will win the first fight. If they would meet, it would be a very tough fit, but you know the skillset of the Hulk - the madder he gets (is this the right word? "madder"? i am not a native speaker...), the stronger he becomes. So, at some point he will hit Doomsday harder than even Superman could, and Doomsday will go down. Now, here Doomsday's skillset comes into the game (like a passive ability in League Of Legends, now that I think about it xD) - he will resurrect, stronger than before, and he cannot die the same way he died before. So, he cannot get beaten to death again. Which is, uhm, the only thing Hulk can do. If you take away the win by Smash - well, then they will maybe just hit each other forever, and if they did not die yet, they will be out there somewhere, smashing and bashing....the only chance to "win" this for the Hulk is, uhm, to die in the time between he kills Doomsday for the first time and when Doomsday resurrects, since this can take different times - like, days, or years, or centuries, you never know. Damn those random resurrecting foes :-D Funny, as I think about it...the long term win, just like Thor vs Superman....:-D

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