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In the first season finale of Gotham, we were treated to our first look of a mysterious cavern-like room underneath Wayne Manor. Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) discovered a secret entrance in the study that led to what looked suspiciously like the Batcave:

Now, Fox has released another look at the cavern from the upcoming second season and it reveals what it looks like at the bottom of the stairs.

The only thing is, Mazouz was quick to debunk the idea that it was, in fact, the Batcave in a recent interview with TV Insider.

It’s definitely not the Batcave. What is down there are clues to Thomas Wayne’s secret life and what he was trying to do before being killed.

Sure, we believe you, David. It's not the Batcave. *big wink* Though I suppose technically he could be telling the truth as it would be the origins of what will eventually be the Batcave and not actually dubbed the Batcave yet. But still. C'mon, man.

Regardless of what it technically is (*cough* Batcave *cough*), it will still play a hugely formative role in young Bruce's life in season two:

It changes everything in Bruce’s life. It changes how he sees Alfred, the criminal side of Gotham, even how he sees his parents.'s a giant cavern that exists under Wayne Manor and it will change everything in Bruce's life from this point on. But it's not the Batcave.

Okay, sure. We'll pretend to believe you for now, Gotham team. Even though we know that you know that we know it's the Batcave.

Gotham season two premieres September 21 only on Fox.


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