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Fans of the Walking Dead got an announcement made that a new Walking Dead Series was coming out in August of 2015. Last night the first episode went out and from what AMC has created, I am going to say, this all looks like a prequel into the series.

We meet our main characters at the beginning of the episode, just like we did in the Walking Dead series. We have a new family, new plot, and a new place. We start off in California Los Angeleos, where it seems as if a party went down the night before. A new main character we are introduced to is Nick a guy who is apparently high on heroin from the night before. He wakes up looking for his friend Gloria, Nick walks over into the chapel room and suddenly sees Gloria on the ground bent over. When he touches her, she turns around and we can see there is blood in her mouth and her eyes look pale. Due to the fact that we've seen the Walking Dead, clearly she is a walker. Chris runs out the church, onto the streets and gets hit by a car.

In the next scene we are introduced to Nick's family. His mother who is named Madison Clark is a guidance counselor at the school, his sister Alicia Clark We are also introduced to Madison's fiance who is named Travis and is a divorced English teacher and shares his son Chris with her.

Later we are going to Madison's school where she works and we are introduced One of Madison's student's sets off the alarm and we see she pulls out coins from his pocket, next we see her pull him to her office and asks why he has knife and starts to clue in has seen walkers and what they do.

Later, Travis then goes and visits Nick in the hospital and Nick tells him what he saw in the church and why he ran out in the streets. Travis then goes and observes the church only to find one guy alive screaming "Please don't kill me" and slams a door shut.

Later on, Nick's room mates starts to make groaning sounds similar to what a walker sounds like. His nurse comes in and asks if he's okay and she confirms with confidence that he is. In the same scene his room mate dies and is rushed off with the other doctors.

Next day at Madison's work we see the principal, Travis and her co-workers watching a video on why traffic was backed up. A paramedic is on the scene checking for a pules when suddenly the victim reaches up and bites him. He walks away from the person he bit and walks around, and then is shot a few times in the chest and finally in the head.

We see that Nick is talking to his drug dealer Cal and accidentally shoots him, Madison and Travis want to know where Cal is and Nick offers to show them. When they get to where Cal died, there is no body there and Nick freaks out.

As they drive out we see that Calvin is in the tunnel walking limply and tries to bit Madison but misses her arm due to Travis. Nick runs Calvin over which throws him a ledge. The episodes ends with Madison asking "What the hell is happening." and Travis saying "I have no idea"

No zombie outbreak is just starting over on the west coast. We can see that this happened possibly before Rick went into his coma. Lets remember that Rick woke up after the zombie out break and not during.

This I think is BEFORE the walking dead even happened and the poster first that Fear the Walking Dead came out with may have given us a clue that this virus washed up on the shore. But it could have been airborne long before people started turning into walkers.

I noticed in the first episode they talked allot about flu shots. We know that vaccines are supposed to help us prevent getting some kind of sickness. So sadly we don't have a vaccine for Walkers. This could be because it is a BRAIN disease. Now in one scene when Alicia is in class we see that her teacher says something about the brain having sickness that we simply can not control.

There are some clues that there are walkers walking around and that this is happening in other states, for example the guy that was Nick's room mate, it could have started with them, since they are dying and or close to death. so they would be the first walkers, next you have people walking around and so of course the walker sees food and BAM bites a person and after feeding the walker walks off and then another walker comes to life.

Now we are left with a question at the beginning of the episode, how did Gloria become on and what about the two that she fed on? It could be that Gloria either OD or she was bite as well, and the other two of course we see have been bite and will soon join her in the walker world. When Travis goes back we are see that Gloria and other two people she bite are gone. If you watch closely you can that Nick actually left the door open, so if could be that Gloria and the other two slipped out of the church and into the open.

Now I think the title has HUGE idea to what we could expect in this new series. FEAR is the first word you read, and this could actually have something to do with the Waling Dead itself. What if the title is referring to us as humans should be fearing for our lives because the dead is coming back and then when You Get Ricks POV it's just the Walking Dead because there are more dead people then humans running around the world.

Ending my review on the first episode, I think we Walking Dead fans are all to familiar with The Walking Dead its self and nothing seems to be surprising because we all know what is coming and we all know what they are turning in to. I think personally though we are going to get the answer on HOW it started and maybe even see how it connects with season one of the Walking Dead.


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