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Okay, we all know that 2016 is going to be one hell of a year with all the new superhero/supervillain films being released (don't forget Suicide Squad) but with the two rival comic book companies both releasing huge and highly anticipated films i was wondering who would do better!


In 2016 we can expect Marvel releasing:

  • [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)
  • Doctor Strange
  • Deadpool
  • [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267)
  • Gambit
  • Sinister Six


In 2016 we can expect DC releasing:

  • [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)
  • Suicide Squad

Clearly you can see that Marvel easily has the advantage over DC as they so many more films planned mainly because of the reason that the films are spread over different companies.

Batman vs Superman... vs Iron Man vs Captain America

As you probably know the huge titans of films going against each other next year is Batman vs Superman and Iron Man vs Captain America.


In my opinion Civil War has the upper hand as they have had a feud between Iron Man and Captain America brewing since the Avengers in 2012 where as Batman vs Superman seems quite rushed as they are quickly introducing so many characters like Wonder Woman and Aqua Man.

Another aspect of this film that makes it even more better is the fact that Spiderman will be making his debut in the MCU and so fans are awaiting for Marvel to redeem the hero after the disasters that were The Amazing Spider man films and Spider man 3

However Batman vs Superman is also still looking insanely good following the trailers for the film which makes the film look amazing and the fact that we finally get to see a DC universe starting and building up into a Justice League film which is what every DC fan dreams of...

I know there is some problems people see in Batman vs Superman, the main one being the fact that Ben Affleck is the new Batman. However i disagree, i am optimistic for Batfleck, i mean before Iron Man came out everyone was complaining Robert Downey Jr was starring in it and now he is the fan favorite of the entire MCU.

Suicide Squad Vs Sinister six

Now we go into the darker side of the comic book companies film releases looking at the super villains.


In my opinion i am rooting for the Suicide Squad film, the trailer that has been released has shown us all just how good it can be by showing us the new joker and Deathstroke played by A lister Will Smith

Admittedly the Joker is a step back from Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight but can it really be beat?!

As well all the amazing super villains being shown in the film we also have rumors of Batfleck on the set for the film so there is a Batman cameo to also loo forward to

The Sinister six squad that we have not heard from in a while in news at all so it might now even be released this year however is has a supposed release date of November 11th 2016 so i am still counting it.

As we don't know anything the film yet other than what the Amazing Spider Man films have set up we can only judge it so much.

Personally due the disasters that were the Amazing Spiderman films and since the Sinister six is under the same company i don't really expect much. That's all i can really say about that film.

Other Marvel releases

As ive already listed the upcoming Marvel films, you can see there are a few new heroes stories being told from the beginning.

i Expect the Marvel owned hero film to be very successful (Dr Strange) and as Marvel has recently proved to us that no matter what hero and its popularity level, they can still make a great movie from it, this is what we've seen by Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Man.

Deadpool is another film being released and judging by the trailer it looks amazing and nearly every Marvel fan is fan boying out about it, it will bring a new type of style to superhero films bringing in lots more comedy and if the film stays loyal to the comics we may also see Dead pool break the fourth wall.

Finally X-Men: Apocalypse has released some new images from the film, it looks good in a sense as we see the origin of Storm and we finally get to see Psylocke in an X men movie, however myself and a lot of other people were very disappointed by the look of Apocalypse who is supposed to be the most powerful mutant ever however he dosent seem it from the photos, however it might now be the finished version, nobodies knows yet.

But the main reason i wrote this was to see what every one else thinks, I've only published my opinions.


Who do you think will be more successful next year?

What film(s) are you most looking forward to?


What film(s) are you most looking forward to?


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