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Kara Hedash

If you watched Fear the Walking Dead last night then you helped make history. That's right, the show's premiere last night brought in 10.1 million viewers according to AMC which is the biggest premiere in cable TV history. The Walking Dead has been dominating viewership for years, last season's finale had a new record of 17.3 million viewers. The original show will obviously help attract fans to the companion series but as we saw last night, FTWD has a very different vibe. We get a deeper look into how their world falls apart and how fast society crumbles especially in a city setting. I am interested in seeing how the outbreak will play out in such a highly populated area like LA. As we know from scenes in TWD, Atlanta did not fare well even with outside help. Let's hope the new crew prepares themselves for what is about to go down because they probably don't have much time to process it all.

Fear the Walking Dead can be found Sundays at 9pm on AMC until The Walking Dead returns on October 11th.

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