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Anyone who has read the [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) comics will know that after the Civil War, Captain was assassinated by an agent of Red Skulls. However, will the same result be in the movie? Well I'm still undecided about this. There has been talk about Chris Evans packing up after Avengers 3. But that does not necessarily mean that the role will be a main one. He could make a flashback appearance or a cameo.

However, when asked about his role Evans did state that no one will use the Shield anytime soon. But I do think that something tragic will happen in Civil War. Marvel have not killed anyone who is a mainstream character yet. I'm not saying they should but the story of Civil War deals with the initial death of inexperienced superheroes and civilians. We are now entering Phase 3 of the MCU and to have all the main characters survive leaves the suspense quite flat. When you have shows like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones no one is safe which leaves the audience hooked just Incase they are killed off!

Captain America after being assassinated
Captain America after being assassinated

Then there was the title that the Russos were going with before the announcement of Civil War. The third Captain America movie was rumoured to be called Captain America: Fallen Son. In which Steve Rogers is assassinated and deals with the aftermath of the death of Rogers. If Rogers dies it will be a new direction for the MCU. A direction that makes perfect sense.

So if Steve Rogers dies who takes over? Well there are two candidates. Bucky and Sam Wilson. Ever since The Winter Soldier people are assuming that Bucky will take over. But why? In the movie his memory is scrambled and still has scars of his own that he needs to deal with. There is also the affiliation to the other superheroes to contend with. Rogers has ties with the Avengers and Shield something that Bucky is not. Bucky Barnes is a good character but he is better off as being the Winter Soldier.

Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier - a role he should continue to be.

Then there is Sam Wilson who in present day is Steve Rogers best friend and confidant. Wilson knows all the information, Intel and secrets that Rogers knew. He is Rogers right hand man who Rogers trusts with his life. So naturally Sam Wilson is the perfect choice as Captain America. Wilson is first the Falcon. A superhero who has government issued wings and Wilson can communicate with birds. Eventually in the comics Steve Rogers has gotten to old to be Captain America so logically Sam Wilson took over. Along with his Falcon-esque powers he has integrated his role as Captain America well. Sam Wilson is also part of the Avengers as well as other groups... just like Rogers was.

Sam Wilson as Captain America.

So Anthony Mackie, who is excellent as the Falcon would be better off as Captain America. Bucky was Captain America in the past but Sam Wilson is now the permanent Captain America of today. And since the comics and movies share some familiarity of today that it would make sense to follow Wilson as Captain America instead of Bucky.

Anthony Mackie would be the perfect replacement for Captain America.

It will be interesting to see what happens in Civil War. If Steve Rogers dies (which will be tragic) it will also be a new beginning for Marvel and Phase 4. A phase that I hope Anthony Mackie is holding the Shield of freedom.


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