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American Horror Story Season 5 A.K.A Hotel is quickly approaching this October (ready for Halloween). The first four episode titles have finally been revealed in time for us to spectate and predict!


1.) Checking In

So, we know Lady Gaga runs the hotel (basically replacing Jessica Lange), but who will be checking in? Could it be an important protagonist guest? Or maybe one of the horrific monsters the show is obviously going to throw at us at some point? Maybe an evil spirit checks in and begins to wreak havoc...

2.) Chutes & Ladders

Chutes and Ladders...maybe one character falls short of their plans whereas another succeeds at something? Perhaps someone literally has a fall that kills them turning them into a ghost? Or maybe a killer is playing a devastating game?

3.) Devils' Night Pt 1

Devils' Night is what many call Halloween, safe to say this is definitely our October 31st two parter (not breaking tradition there). The show is set in LA, a semi suburban location that could facilitate trick-or-treaters, along with some creepy monsters in the sunlight. Considering it's the two parter- crap should begin to go down!

4.) Devils' Night Pt 2

The horrors we began to see in the first part of this episode should be coming into full view of many characters now (along with us). We know Lily Rabe plays serial killer Aileen Wuornos, so perhaps she will be introduced here to us. This episode should be the creepiest one so far!

Well, that's all we know officially for Hotel. We will have to see if these predictions and theories come true this October! I certainly hope so.


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