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I grew up in the early 90s. My childhood was comprised of classic Nickelodeon, Captain Crunch and Saturday morning cartoons. One show that I was truly dedicated to watching was Captain Planet. I loved the "edutainment" that it brought, and even though I really had no idea what environmentalism actually meant, I remember it as being a highlight of my mornings.

Captain Planet was a superhero that I could wrap my tiny little brain around, and he really spurred my interest into other heroes and comics/anime/manga in general. Watching Captain Planet is a big reason that I love the genre in general, and I always wished that it could have been turned into a feature film. Yet, until now I don't think it would been given its rightful chance. As corny and quirky as the cartoon was, I always envisioned it as potentially being more menacing. The villains were one-sided and simple, yet I could see it becoming a gritty superhero movie. A live action movie was attempted in the 90s, but never made it past scripting, and Cartoon Network attempted a live-action series in late 2000, but it never got off the ground.

So I thought that I would take a shot at fan-casting the live action Captain Planet movie.

Let's start with the Planeteers:

Kwame (Voiced by LeVar Burton)

Kwame has a soft spot for all plant life as he grew up in Ghana. he understands the purpose and power that the Earth holds for sustaining and preserving life. He is the de facto leader of the team and the voice of reason among them. He was given the power of Earth.

Wheeler (Voiced by Joey Dedio)

Wheeler is the street-smart member of the Planeteers and although he tends to get himself into tight situations and ultimately acts impulsively, his heart is in the right place. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York so his knowledge of how actions affect the world are quite limited but ultimately learns what preservation of the Earth truly means and how it affects everyone. He was given the power of Fire.

Linka (Voiced by Kath Soucie)

Linka studied bird life while living in Eastern Europe and becomes extremely emotional when pollution of illegal hunting harms the birds. She is a strategist and often aides the team when the problem requires logic to solve. She grew up knowing the power that the Earth holds as she is a miner's daughter, which is another reason she takes affinity to birds as they were often sent down to detect gas. She was given the power of Air.

Gi (Voiced by Janice Kawaye)

Gi was a self proclaimed marine biologist. Her compassion for all living things in the waters of the world aided in the overall efforts of the Planeteers to protect the animals of the world. She becomes extremely emotional when pollution affects them directly. She is often tasked with assisting the team with their mechanical and forensic needs. Gi is also the diplomat of the group and helps the team see reason and do the right thing. She was given the power of Water.

Ma-Ti (Voiced by Scott Menville)

Ma-Ti was raised by an Amazonian shaman in Brazil. Ma-Ti is the youngest of the team and often looked to Kwame as a mentor. He is often seen as the "kid" of the team, but he wants nothing more than to instill a love for the planet in others. Through his ring, he is given the ability to instill sympathy and passion into people. He was given the power of Heart (and Telepathy).

Gaia (Voiced by Whoopi Goldberg & Margot Kidder)

Gaia is the spirit of the planet, who awakens from a century long sleep after an Eco-Villain begins drilling above her resting chamber. She then realizes the damage that has been brought upon the Earth and decides to summon the Planeteers. Gaia is bound to the planet and her health is directly tied to the condition of the planet. She can communicate telepathically with the Planeteers at any point in time.

Captain Planet (Voiced by David Coburn)

He is the hero of the world. By having the Planeteers gather and combine their powers he is able to take form and face the threats that attack the planet. He has amplified control over all the elements of the five rings that the Planeteers hold. He uses his sarcastic wit as much as his physical strength to combat the forces that pollute the Earth.


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