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I love things and stuff of a thingly nature. Don't take me seriously, I just like to have fun.

Let me start out by saying, this film was a pleasant surprise. Okay, I know what you're thinking... I'm reviewing another film from the land of Kiwis... Or maybe you're not thinking that, but I just realized it myself. But what can I say? They're damn good at what they do. What We Do in the Shadows is a mockumentary directed by Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords & Men in Black 3) and Taika Waititi (Boy & Green Lantern). It follows the existence of four vampires staying together in twenty-first century Wellington. Viago, Vladislav and Deacon share a flat along with Deacon's maker Petyr; he's is several millennia old so he doesn't get out much. What We Do in the Shadows starts both directors, Jonny Brugh (The Jaquie Brown Diaries), Ben Fransham (30 Days of Night & Heavenly Creatures), Cori Gonzalez-Macuer (Eagle vs. Shark), Jackie van Beek and Stu Rutherford.

Viago (Waititi), Deacon (Brugh) and Vladislav (Clement) out for a night on the town

Akin to This is Spinal Tap but with actual humor, each flatmate has their different quarks and personalities, which makes for some great comedic moments. Viago is the host of this "doc" sharing a little of himself and organizing his friends into participating. A neat freak, sweet, sensitive type, Viago obsesses over his lost love, a woman he loses an amorous opportunity with when his servant ships him to the wrong location.

Because all good vampires use chore wheels

Then there's Vladislav, who can be described as, dark and sexy, reminiscent of Dracula from the 1992 Coppola film. He's pretty much an emotional void with the exception of his woes over his nemesis who's only known as The Beast. Deacon is pretty much a chauvinist asshole, who's always looking to score. Nick joins the group on accident when he comes to a bizarre bisghetti dinner party. Each character is so well written, you could almost see them in an actual documentary featuring actual people living their lives as ACTUAL vampires... Scratch that last "actual".

Vladislav doing what he does best... bitches

Adding to the ensemble of misfits are Jackie, an obedient wannabe-vampire servant, who lingers on to the promise from Deacon of eternal life; and Stu, the lovable, helpful best friend of Nick who teaches the vampires about modern age technology and is taken in almost instantly as their human little brother. WWDITS focuses on the nightly goings-on of the group and builds up to The Unholy Masquerade Ball; a ball held for all the ooky spooky creatures of the night and hosted by The Beast. There's a showdown with said beasties at the ball followed by a clash with a pack of werewolves that all makes up the intense climax of the film. What We Do in the Shadows is great for a laugh splashed with some gore. Definitely worth the time to check out. After spending a minute and a half reading this, 85 minutes should be a snap. ;-)

Viago at the Unholy Masqurade Ball

Available on Amazon for $.99, Google Play, Vudu and YouTube from 3.99 as well as Redbox.


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