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From the start, producers of Gotham have made it clear to fans that it is not a show about Batman, but rather, about Detective Jim Gordon and the origins of the villains that populate Gotham.

Still, with David Mazouz playing the role of a young Bruce Wayne finding his place in the world, at some point, we have to expect that we'll see him take up the cape and cowl.

To that end, lead actor Ben McKenzie confirmed that yes, us seeing Bruce become Batman was in the cards all along. It's just that, well...don't expect it to happen any time soon. Or be part of the story.

During the Gotham panel at Wizard World Chicago, McKenzie said that we'd definitely see Batman: in the very last scene of the very last episode.

In the very last frame of the very last scene of the very last episode of the very last season of Gotham, whenever that turns out to be, that's when we'll see Bruce Wayne put on the cape and cowl.

Check out the video below:

Well, there you have it. So now we can all stop speculating and just enjoy the show for what it is.


The second season of Gotham premieres September 21 on Fox.


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