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For generations there has been an endless debate on who the most evil, the most villainous, the most treacherous movie villain of them all is. Ranking fictional characters is always subjective, the writer's own personal feelings are weighted into the factor of greatest villain of all time. Today, I purpose to you, most generous readers, a way to end subjectivity and declare the ultimate Master of Evil. To take my own personal feelings out of the equation, I have created a mathematical way to definitively come up with the most evil fictional movie character of all time. Before I reveal to you the evilest five villains in movie history, let me explain to you how the process will work.

The Algorithm

I developed a mathematical algorithm in order to objectively rank the evilest movie villains in history. So as not to bore you with the details, I'll give you a quick rundown of what went into the formula. The algorithm takes into account the number of kills the villain has to their rep (personal kills only), the algorithm also includes other acts of evil (kidnapping, stealing, brutality, torture, etc), other factors include motivation (ie did they do it for personal gain, to further an ideology, to set up a master race, etc), enjoyability (did the villain enjoy being evil), and finally a "Menace Factor" a factor that adds one point for various evil things (a point would be added for scary costume, chilling dialogue, creepy voice, and evil laugh). After the algorithm was complete with all factors included the number was simplified to a scale.

The Evil Scale

The scale has 5 ratings based on the numerical answer given by the algorithm. The scale goes from least evil to most evil, unpleasant, foul, evil, nefarious, and wicked. I put dozens of characters into the algorithm and have narrowed the findings down to the top five! The results may surprise you!

5. Shan Yu (Mulan)

Score on the Evil Meter: Foul

Shan Yu is no doubt a very bad dude. His main goal in life is to completely take over the world, starting with China. He gains points for being totally creepy, having the evilest eyes in animation history, and just being an all around bad guy. His biggest claim to evil is killing an entire village (even the children!) and then taking complete joy from knowing he ruined so many lives.

4. Sauron (Lord of the Rings)

Score on the Evil Meter: Evil

Often compared to the Devil himself, Sauron is not messing around. He created all of the magic rings, and then, created the One Ring to Rule Them All. Sauron turned normally good men into evil murders of darkness (the Nazguls). One of his biggest claims to fame was creating an evil army of grotesque monsters and attempting to take over all of Middle Earth. He gains points for living in an evil volcanic land, killing innocent people, turning into an evil eye, and creating the Witch King.

3. Heath Ledger's Joker (The Dark Knight)

Score on the Evil Meter: Nefarious

There's no doubt that the Joker is absolutely crazy, but is he really all that evil? According to the math, he's really really evil. With 36 confirmed on screen kills, torture, brutality, causing pyschological anguish, and kidnapping, there's no arguing that the Joker has done some awful things. What's worse is he's directly responsible for creating another Batman villain - Two-Face. Being able to turn Gotham's shining knight into a master of evil takes a lot of work, yet the Joker made it seem easy! Jared Leto has a lot to live up to after Heath Ledger gave this amazing performance.

2. Voldemort (Harry Potter)

Score on the Evil Meter: Nefarious

Voldemort actually only scores one point higher than the Joker according to the math (having a score of 124 compared to 123). However, it also means that He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is seriously evil. He tries to kill everybody who disagrees with him, he's been resurected from the dead, he tries to kill children, he wants to create a master race, and he enjoys torture. The Dark Lord is definetely someone you don't want to mess with.

1. Darth Vader (Star Wars Franchise)

Score on the Evil Meter: Wicked

Darth Vader. Was there any ever doubt he wouldn't top this list? Even after running the algorithm several times over Darth Vader still managed to double the score of Lord Voldemort. Darth Vader scored a whopping 376 compared to number two's 124. Vader has killed over 50 people on screen, including at least a dozen children. He also killed his wife, his mentor, dozens of Jedi, a Sith Lord, he kidnapped his own daughter, he's responsible for the destruction of Alderann (and the 1.4 billion people on the planet), he killed unarmed people, enjoys force-choking his employees, being brutal, torturing people, cutting off his son's hand, and the list just keeps going. Even after factoring in his redemption for taking down the Empire, Darth Vader is still twice as evil as Lord Voldemort, and that's not opinion, that's hard mathematical fact. Darth Vader essientally killed everyone he loved, threw out everything he was taught as a Jedi, and became a Sith Lord. I guess they don't call it "The Dark Side" for nothing.

The math has spoken, these are the five evilest villains in movie history! Think I missed someone? Comment below and I'll put them through the algorithm. I put dozens of characters into the mathematical equation and these five ranked supreme. Who surprised you to make the list? Do you agree with their ranks?


Who do you think is the evilest villain?


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