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Jonathan Medders

I just finished watching the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, and I must say, it did not fail to deliver. I am a huge fan of the graphic novels, and I love the show as well; so when I found out they were doing a spin-off series i got excited. I did have some doubts going in, however. A show built around a new set of characters set on the opposite side of the country from where everything else in the series has taken place, how would this work?

Well, the premiere put my doubts to rest pretty quickly. Right from the get go the tone that we are used to was there. The acting was solid, even though we don't know a great deal behind our main characters just yet. We get glimpses into each of them throughout the episode. The cast itself is a solid group and they perform their roles well.

The effects/gore factor is there, for what we are shown since this is still early in the outbreak period. Greg Nicotero and his team have always done a masterful job.

Overall I must say that this is a great start to what I can only hope will be a great companion piece to our main Walking Dead series. I cannot wait for the next episode.


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