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I think that will just hold back too much they won't try to have the end that drama that has with Spiderman there's always made us come looks great as well as the happy cheerful things to constantly go back-and-forth through it so that whenever he needs the woman that he's in love with and remembers the people of the past and why is doing the things that he does and where his place in society fits Brandon with the way some awards coming out it could be huge and show an even greater diversification and and show his evolution as a person from high school into college as well as make the great action things with the different buildings that are still left for him to go against even with the possibility of meeting up with other superheroes and even forming the old league with Iceman and other groups out there it's a great storyline but I think that it'll probably get washed under by the other Visual novels of our time and with it's sort of minor role it may just be pushed to the footnote side that with how the avengers X-Men and others of started coming out and joining together with guardians of the galaxy what they really give it the owns that it needs and not spoil everything previews advertising but yet still entice and have that wonderful crescendo that everything else that has


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