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The MCU has been setting up the biggest superhero movie of all time, The Infinity Wars all the way back in Phase I in the Avengers. Phase 3 is starting to roll in and we're going to finally begin this story. The Infinity War is about Thanos, that guy from the post-credit scene in The Avengers that we "all knew". He also starred in the post-credit scene in the second Avengers movie, as he grabs the Infinity Gauntlet and said...

Fine, I'll do it myself

The story has started there where he will be hunting the Infinity Stones. Thanos' biggest appearance (so far) was actually a whole scene in Guardians of the Galaxy where he was talking to Ronan sitting on his chair.

You know he's a badass sitting in a chair of stone
You know he's a badass sitting in a chair of stone

He was the Emperor to Darth Vader to Ronan, or more like Count Dooku because, spoiler, Ronan is gone. Who will be the Darth Vader to Thanos? There's so many different speculations and mine is no other than the Red Skull. I will talk about that soon in another article, so keep your eyes open. Anyways, the Guardians of the Galaxy had lots of tie-ins with Thanos, and they even said that he would be the next guy to defeat. He's probably going to be the main villain in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and that will then tie right in with the Avengers. There we go Marvel! Well guess what, NOPE! We've heard so many things about the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy being in Infinity Wars, well James Gunn made it so very sure that no other Avengers characters will cross-over! Then, the other day, when asking Jeremy Renner, Hawkeye, if Star Lord and the gang will be in the Infinity Wars and he replied,

You'll be eighty years old by then, and I won't be Hawkeye anymore, I'll be Dead Guy.

Well this is not so great news. Hey, he could f-ing with us.


So, will the Guardians be in Infinity Wars?

What do you guys think? Will the Guardians of the Galaxy be in the Infinity Wars?


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