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I was a little wary of how good this show would be at first, especially after the trailer. I was so excited when I found out that this show was happening until the trailer came out, and then I was just disappointed. I thought that the show was going to be chick flicky rather than the awesome show that Kara deserved; I was worried that the people behind the show had ruined the only female-led superhero show so far by turning it into a rom com. But I was so wrong! The pilot episode was amazing! It was definitely one of the better first episodes of any DC TV show (and I really like those).

We follow Kara through her journey to Earth and see how she ended up needing to really find herself because her cousin, Kal-El, didn’t end up needing her to take care of him. He’s Superman, and she got to Earth a bit late. So, at a young age, she stopped using her powers and lived life as a regular girl. Now, however, she finally sees the importance of embracing who she is and accepts it with open arms. She has enemies, of course, but she has great sources of support, too.

I liked the new faces of the actors, and I really liked the choice for Kara. I think they especially did an exceptional job in casting her because she truly looks like a different person when she’s Supergirl (unlike Superman/Clark Kent in pretty much everything) and she fits the role really well. The special effects were great, too, especially in the battle sequences. Those scenes reminded me of sci-fi type sequences mixed with Dragon Ball Z and classic DC comics (of course). Overall, it was a phenomenal pilot episode and I enjoyed it very much. I’m looking forward to the next one!


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