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As always this is in good fun and is my opinion also I would of done 5 but no the 70's is to great


10.Five easy pieces

This film is so great because it shed light to a situation that some people didn't know exsited its great story with great characters.


Has great suspense knows when and where to use its scare has decent acting and great slasher moments.

8. A Dog Day Afternoon

A bank robbing film that has a tad bit of fun and tons of supense with great performances.

7.The Mean streets

This was the start that told Marty would truley be one of a kind.

6.Dirty Harry

The perfect show case of the gritty realsim of the 70's

5.Star Wars

The first of the perfect triolgy the adventrue and excitement of the space oprea is truley great.

4.All The Presidents Men

In my opinion this is the best political thriller tension is flawless and the dialogue and execution is great just great.

3. Jaws

The original blockbuster that showed that a disaster on set didn't mean you could just half ass and make a bad film no! You try your best.

2. Rocky

It's emotional it has good acting a great script.

1. Apocalypse now.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.


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