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Throughout the years, comic books have given us some iconic moments. They include hilarious over-the-top ones as well as some classic badass ones. Among them, a few came out as a shocking twist or some game changing revelations. These moments were brave decisions by the creators, and it has changed the face of comic books over the years. We have seen a number of them through movies, and we always welcome such quality plot-lines. Even though they are crazy on the surface, their outcome leads to the evolution of comic book movies.

Let’s take a look at three of the comic book moments that are expected to be in the upcoming movies. Remember, it’s mostly based on speculations and theories, but most of them are highly probable. Also, I'm taking the liberty to inform you that this article might spoil your film watching experience in the future.

Wonder Woman Kills Max Lord

Recent trailers indicate a promising future for the DCCU with movies like Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice. It is most certain that we will have our long-awaited JLA movie. Speaking of the JLA - Max Lord, who is a businessman, has a vital part to play in it. Even though he is an antihero, Max Lord plays an important role in the formation of the Justice League. With superpowers of his own, Lord can manipulate the thoughts of people, like Professor X. Eventually he turns to the dark side, and Wonder Woman snaps his neck, ending him for good. If Max Lord is featured in the movies - and if he is initially portrayed as a favorable character - this sequence will be a shock for the viewers.

Captain America Fatally Shot

The Internet is already on fire over the speculation about how the new Captain America movie will end. Civil War is a storyline that'll be adapted from the Marvel comics, and trust me, it sure could have a shocking ending. Maybe the directors have a different idea for the movie adaptation, but if they are following comic book roots sincerely... we would see the end of Captain America - at least for a while. The death of the Captain was expected to be featured in Age of Ultron by the fans, even though it was a misfire. Who knows? Maybe Civil War is the end of times for our noble Captain.

Robin Is Murdered by the Joker

Ever since the trailer of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice teased us with the costume of Robin and the writing of the Joker, every film buff has stated their own theory about the scene. Considering the directorial traits of Zack Snyder, who follows comic books very carefully, it may lead to a particular comic book moment: The death of Robin by the hands of the Joker. It was featured in 'Batman: The Death in the Family,' and it was a real shock to the fans. Watching a beloved character die always creates an outcry, let alone how brutally beaten he was by the (too) crazy Joker. It might be a flashback sequence, or a simple reference, but it sure does solidify the theories of some fans.


Which moment do you most want to see?


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