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Man of Steel featured a lot of easter eggs hinting at a larger universe. But one thing that many people complained about in Man of Steel was how it was unfaithful to source material. This article will be explaining to you why Man of Steel was indeed very faithful to it source material after all.

All-star Superman references

Jor-El Speech to Superman

Don't you remember the words that Jor-El told Kal-El in Man of Steel. The line in the film is “You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun.” It's pretty much word for word from the comic book. Clever Zack.

It's really quick but it another nod from the comic. You can catch the glimpse when Superman is soaring over the Southern Indian Ocean to destroy the World Engine.

Alex Ross references

It might not be as colorful as Alex Ross's drawings but when in motion it pretty much a comic book coming to life on the big screen.

Superman Birthright

In Superman:Birthright we see Clark Kent flying through a herd of zebras when he first learning how to fly. Casual fans wouldn't recognize this scene when they were watching Man of Steel but hardcore comic book fans probably instantly remembered this scene from Mark Waid's famous Superman comic. And they say Zack Snyder isn't a comic book guy.

S symbol stands for "hope".

Previous comic book writers or filmmakers say that the 'S' on Superman chest was just Kal-El family crest. But Mark Waid was the first writer who say it meant a symbol of hope. Those who have read Superman: Birthright should know this.

Man of Steel dream sequence nod.

When Superman first loses consciousness on Zod’s ship, the hallucination that follows is never clearly explained. But for longtime fans of Superman, the fever dream used to manipulate him has Bloodmorel written all over it. The brainchild of Alan Moore, “DC Comics Presents” #85 paired Superman and Swamp Thing in “The Jungle Line,” introducing Superman to the deadly virus known as Bloodmorel.


Kelex the robo-butler?

Vault reference.

At exactly 2:52 you will see what I mean.

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