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Animorphs pulled me from the brink of social depression, introduced me to my husband, and overall affected my life in a wide variety of inex

My mission would be the complete and total destruction of corporations. This will be a complicated task, and very high on the difficulty scale, especially since the plan hopes to include little to no death, doom, and violence.

The first superpower would have to be a Poison Ivy ability to manipulate plant life.

We Want You... to Garden!
We Want You... to Garden!

This power has a variety of usefulness, but I will focus it on helping to encourage and jumpstart personal gardens, and also to help genetically modify natural curatives to make them more potent and viable.

The second power is a necessity simply because in order to enact my first power successfully, I would need the ability to move anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Portal to Everywhere. Big Suits beware.
Portal to Everywhere. Big Suits beware.

That is where Blink comes in. Her power would give me both the time and the ability to be everywhere at once, and therefore, support my life supporting activities. It will also help me to infiltrate corporate infrastructure from the top down. See, corporations are run by people, and the people at the very top are like the leaders of a hive, take them out, and everyone else will just go home. I'm not saying we should kill them or anything, but banishment to a geological moon station, both created and built by moi, would help keep them from continuing their pursuits of world domination through selling of cheap, slave-created goods.

The last power I will find useful is a Mystique shapeshifting ability.

You can always find and eat wild bacon.  Jeesh.
You can always find and eat wild bacon. Jeesh.

That way I can hide when everyone gets mad about not being able to buy their cheap snacks, soft drinks, cosmetics, 6 pack socks, and $5 movies.

How it really should have begun.
How it really should have begun.

It would be a shock to poor mankind to have nothing to spend their money on. Many will starve from lack of fast food and gas station snacks, but slowly homemade pies and mint tea will surface. Cheap homemade donut and chicken on a stick stands will proliferate. We'll make our own soda and ice cream. We'll run around outside a lot more. Our tvs will become precious and rare. Stations will be more and more local with no affiliation outside of the community. Art will expand and both become more important and cheaper. Music will spread out onto the streets and ring from homemade instruments. Education will be more in tune with our desires and testing will be completely based on desired skill. Our lives will be what they were for so long, but with all of the scientific, medical, technological, and physical advances that come with our recent knowledge. We will not stop advancing, we will simply advance in more personal directions. We will learn who we are, and each of us will have our own superpowers, not necessarily what we wanted or expected, but just as likely to save the world and make it a better place.


Do you think corporate downfall is possible?


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