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With such great movies coming out, there a few that come to mind that I'm super excited for and that is [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). Now there has been non stop hype and speculation about this movie some realistic and some so far fetched that we just want to pull our hair out. Hopefully mine will not be the later.

Let's start with this scene

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Now we've heard straight from the horse's mouth that Michael Shanon had to wear flippers of some kind on his hands. So you're probably wondering what the hell does a dead guy need hands for?

Now most people say it's so he can be doomsday but I say different due to a few things you get confused about in the trailer.

Namely these scenes:

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Superman ominously floating above people in a flood.

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Superman bowing to Lex and last but not least

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Soldiers kneeling before superman.

Now why would this be OK? Why would superman look like he's about to fly off to leave those poor souls to die.

Why you ask?

Because he's not Superman!

He's actually this guy.

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That's right, it's not Superman, it's Bizarro. Hence the reason being that Shanon was wearing flippers on set. Lex uses the science behind the kyptonite to create Bizarro out of Zod's corpse.

Kinda makes sense doesn't it?

One more question.

What is wrong with this picture?

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I'll go one better and give two things that are wrong.

The first being is the batman figure in this scene snaps a guys neck. What happened to the no killing rule Bruce!?

Second is, and I could be wrong with this one, IT'S NOT BATMAN! We all remember all too well the group self-proclaimed as the Sons of Batman, a group of crazy vigilantes that would kill in the name of batman without his consent or approval? I believe that that is actually a member of the sons of batman fighting Bizarro/Superman's soldiers. This could also explain why Clark is so adamant about taking batman down because of these vigilantes causing havoc between Metropolis and Gotham.

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Hence the whole batarang brand on this guy's arm.

Oh before I forget, one final thing before I leave....



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