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Dane Blum

Name- Renegade

Alliance- Me, Myself and I

Mission- Destroy the Justice league and Avengers single handedly.

My mission is dominance. What can I say, It has never been a better time to be the Bad guy. what i want is simple, to be the strongest being there is and that means killing the strongest teams in both Marvel and DC.

The 3 Abilities I need for my Mission-

Ability 1- Technology Hacking- Ultron (The Avengers)

My first ability comes from Renowned Villain Ultron. With the Power to wirelessly hack any form of technology gives me the immediate edge against Both teams. In the case of Earths mightiest heroes i would have access to The Iron man Suits Which include The Stealth and Hulkbuster Armour as well Satellites and the internet itself.I could also wear a suit if i pleased for extra defense. With these I have an army against the avengers and suits tailored to take out the heavy hitters (Hulk, Thor, Iron man and Superman) Leaving the rest to me to handle with ease. When it comes to DC's defenders with this powers I gain an entire teammate, CYBORG. They will have enough trouble Dealing with me let alone a Friend. I would also have access to the Watchtower and its boom tubes Allowing me to go wherever I want, when I want.

Ability 2- The Gum- Gum Fruit- Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

When Taking on A lightening god and Men, Aliens and monsters who can hit you with limitless strength how do you stop it? You become rubber!! With he power of he Gum-Gum Fruit I am a rubber Man effectively rendering Lightening gods such as shazam and Thor near useless when it comes to their most powerful attacks. As well as this my body is Malleable meaning brute force such as punches (and also bullets) do not physically Harm my body unless used with Haki, An ability not present in either Marvel or Dc Cinematic Universes. On top immunity with this power I can Stretch any part of my body and expand limbs to giant size for a more powerful punches, Kicks and other forms of attack. Las but not least the Gum- Gum Fruit make my entire body rubber including my blood and organs. With this i can Force the blood through my body faster (It s called Gear second in One Piece) giving my super speed to dodge attacks that do harm me.

Ability 3-Portal- Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)

What use is it wanting to take out people from other Universes if I cant Get there! That is why I have my Trusty Portal Gun. This Device Grants me access to The Unlimited Timelines at an instant. This gives me The means to Get to my opponents with Ease and even Separate them And Take them out one at a Time. Sure I Could Just use The watchtowers Boom Tube For DC but with The Flash and Superman Being Fast as hell Different Realities is a safer bet. In Some cases I could Take them to their Weakness. For Example Force Superman To A reality where Everything is made of Kryptonite, He would be Weak as a kitten and Prim for the Picking.


Do I Have What it Takes??


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