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we all have seen trailer of BvS and have been discussing three things only.


superman is superman?

1. how cool and impressive (Immense) ben affleck look as batman and his battle suit.

2. fight between batman vs superman of course.

3. who is the villain

and may be why is superman so angry. Does it not feel like that he is not behaving like superman or he is not superman at all.

there are lot of fan theories. One being that kryptonite , that is some how lex has got control kryptonite and have played supes mind. very much possible.

second theory as many have written that lex know the identity of superman and captured martha kent and thats why he obeying lex luther and kneeling against him. ok take this , he have super listening, seeing, and speed(fly) it would ever be possible for luther to kidnap or hold on to martha kent. very less likely.

my theory is superman is not superman at all. Lex captured the superman through the help of kryptonite as he does not know that it can make him weak. and from his tissue or blood sample lex create Bizzro or clone superman. that why superman look so angry in all of the trailer. what do you think folks. as for genral zod body is concenerd lex also experiment with his body and unintentionally turned him into doomsday and that would be climax scene saving him for JL.


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