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Obvious warning: spoilers ahead for the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead!

You all know that quote from the trailer:

"When civilization ends, it ends fast."

Just how fast does it end? Apparently, fast enough that one of the biggest bombs laid on us in The Walking Dead is figured out in the first days of the zombie apocalypse! The bomb I'm referring to, of course, is Dr. Edwin Jenner's whispered secret to Rick.

i know what you did last season
i know what you did last season

"We're all infected."

Rick tells the group in this scene:

Through the entire first episode of FTWD, we see this, especially with Calvin. Shot in the gut, hit with the truck twice, and still he wants to bite a chunk out of Nick.

This world is ending so fast, REALLY important info like that isn't getting passed down to folks two months into the apocalypse!



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