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There are many questions that our clients keep asking us when it comes to making a mobile app for their company. One of the most frequent question they ask is which platform is the best to choose for my company. This is the most and the difficult decision for them apart from choosing the right company from whom they have to develop the app.

Clients are always confused about which platform to develop and also whether to go for Desktop or Mobile. Whether it should be Android or iOS, Native or Hybrid? Moreover, there are other platforms like Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian as well in the market. As you can see, the below chart from Gartner shows the forecast estimates Mobile OS sales by market share.

The below chart shows that Google’s android is leading the mobile operating platforms. If we take a look at the below chart by IDC, Android is ruling the market with 78% share as per May 2015 followed by iOS, Ruby On Rails Web Development Company Windows Phone, Blackberry OS and others.

The above chart also shows that in spite of Android ruling the market, other platforms like iOS is slowly growing up in their sector by bringing in different opportunities in the mobile.

There has also been a big debate on whether to choose Mobile or Desktop. But since there has been an increase in the Mobile smartphones. As per the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) report on Internet trends 2015, the time spent by people on Mobile Digital Media is more than the Desktop and other Media. Because of this, it has become necessary to go for Mobile App Development to attract more users to your app.

Talking about the platforms to select, still remains a question mark. However, there are a few tips that can help you differentiate between the different platforms:

Android Application Development :-

As per the above statistics, since Android App Design Company smartphones are ruling the market share, selecting this platform can help the company target to a larger audience. Also, Android mobile technology has grown because of Google’s acquisition and their efforts. Since it’s an open source it has a low investment and High Return on Investment.

It is easy to integrate if you already have a web or mobile application. This helps in easy customization of mobile app according to your business requirements. It also helps in enhancing privacy. It can also help in connecting with multiple programs. The biggest disadvantage is that since it’s an open source platform, the privacy and security is a big issue. Second disadvantage is fragmentation of the platform because of different devices in the market and clients requiring to build a customized app.

iOS Application Development :-

Irrespective of the open source platform provided by Android, as per the statistic provided by Apple, it earns more revenue on from iPhone and iPad than to Google’s Android which is about 90% of all dollars spent on mobile devices. Customers using Apple apps are willing to spend more on apps compared to that of Android’s user. Apple has marketed their products in the premium brand category which leads the customer for higher expectations since it is more secure.

With the upgrade of iOS 6 UI/UX and designing features, iOS 6 has opened up new design advantages for this platform. Xcode, which is being used in Apple has an advantage while migrating an app from iPhone to Tablet which is a bit difficult in Android. However, there are few disadvantages to this platform. Irrespective of the total market share is increasing, it has still declined to 18.3% according to IDC. It takes a lot of time for the app to get approved when compared to the Google app store. IPhone cannot run two applications simultaneously. It does not permit you to run outsider applications in the background. In spite of these disadvantages, the iPhone is still growing its market share.


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