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It truly is the age of superheroes, with and chucking out upwards of 3 films a year, both building towards bright futures promising many many more films yet to come! But for comics fans, there's still a lot of wasted opportunities for team ups, as the X-Men and the Avengers staunchly exist in separate movie universes.

This may not always be the case, however! Hugh Jackman has been suggesting an Avengers/X-Men crossover, as have many of the Fox producers, and with Wolverine 3 they may finally get their wish. So how exactly could the two teams come together, and could the comics feud finally be healed?

Wolverine vs Avengers

From 2012's Avengers vs X-Men comic. [Credit: Marvel]
From 2012's Avengers vs X-Men comic. [Credit: Marvel]

For Hugh Jackman, a fan of the comics and Marvel in general, a movie team up is not only a geek's dream, but actually possible in light of the recent Spider-Man exchange.

"I would love it. ... You’re in a very complex world where big, big sums of money are being spent for different franchises and so getting them together is difficult. Two years ago I would have said you’d be a real optimist to think it would ever happen, but weirdly I just think it maybe could. I think there is a possibility that it will happen."

And he's not alone in feeling this way: X-Men producer Lauren Schuler Donner is hopeful that her good relationship with Marvel bossman Kevin Feige will lead to a crossover event in which the Fox and Marvel characters can "mingle them in the way that they were written." So far so good.

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And with rumors that Wolverine 3 will use an alternate universe comic arc that heavily features the Avengers, could we actually see this happen soon?

Logan's Final Journey

After it was revealed that Wolverine 3 would take place in a time and setting never before explored in the X-Men films, fans began to speculate that screenwriter James Mangold is drawing from the Old Man Logan comic arc. This is Logan's last outing: as an old man he tours the USA, encountering some corrupt Avengers and stopping old villains like Red Skull.

The 'Old Man Logan' cover. [Credit: Marvel]
The 'Old Man Logan' cover. [Credit: Marvel]

It's... surreal to say the least, and though it's a fitting end to Wolverine's tenure as a superhero, it's also pretty gloomy. Of course, Wolverine 3 won't stick to just one comic book, according to Jackman. It's possible we might see elements of this storyline, like Logan encountering Avengers, while the weirder aspects will be left unadapted.

But would this really be the best way to finally see an Avengers/X-Men crossover - in a dystopian future that reveals the superheroes at their worst? Surprisingly Mark Millar, who wrote the original Old Man Logan comic and is on the Wolverine 3 creative team, has a different idea of how the two worlds should come together.

"Maybe all the studios get together and do a massive event movie. And I think you don’t want to see that too much. I like the idea of them all being little self-sustaining things that when they do come together it should be special, and if it does happen in five years, it doesn’t happen again for another five."

For him, a massive crossover event with lots of build up is the best way to go about it. This would be more fun than trying to shove some Avengers into the final film in the Wolverine trilogy: a true crossover should be a movie entirely of its own making, rather than the Avengers guest starring in a Fox film.

The Avengers vs the X-Men in the comics. [Credit: Marvel]
The Avengers vs the X-Men in the comics. [Credit: Marvel]

Yet, hopes may be dashed for even a special crossover movie event, if the feud between Marvel and Fox continues to escalate...

Comic Book Battles

The battle rages on as Marvel continue to starve Fox of any inadvertent profits and endorsement from comics and merchandise. And it's quite hilarious to watch! Let's break it down.

  • The Fantastic Four solo comic has officially been cancelled.
  • Comic writers are banned from creating new X-Men or mutants, as Fox could then use them in future films.
  • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's mutant origins have been erased.
  • The X-Men are leaving Earth, and Marvel are using the Secret Wars arc to replace them with superpowered Inhumans.
  • Fox affiliated characters have been lifted from merchandise based on old comic covers, eg:
Original cover (left) and new tee (right). [Credit: Marvel]
Original cover (left) and new tee (right). [Credit: Marvel]

Spot the difference: All the Fox affiliated heroes have been removed from the new T-shirt replica of the comic cover.

Clearly, Marvel does not want to play nice with Fox when it comes to merchandise, so does that dash hopes for a crossover? Possibly. But according to Millar that might not be a bad thing: he asserts that combining the studios' assets would just result in fewer superhero movies a year and who wants that? Literally no-one.

In the meantime, Wolverine 3 is shaping up to be a decent end to Hugh Jackman's epic 17 year career as a superhero, and we can't wait to see what the team have in store for Logan's final showdown!

Do you have a theory of how an X-Men/Avengers crossover would work? Tell us in the comments!


Do you want an Avengers/X-Men crossover?

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