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Ok, we know that the Doctor in series 9 of [Doctor Who](tag:200668) will face a lot of new enemies and a lot of old ones such like Daleks, Missy and Zygons. Some enemies that I know you've missed! Because I missed them too!

The Doctor and Missy
The Doctor and Missy

According to the CultBox, the Doctor will face two monsters from his past, specifically his 10th incarnation's past - the first monster you met it in series 3 in the episode ''Smith and Jones''. They're the Judoon who made their first appearance back at 2007, transporting Martha, the Doctor and an entire Hospital to the moon! What a great episode!

The Judoon
The Judoon

Other appearances: The rhinoceros-headed creatures were last seen as part of the Eleventh Doctor’s army in 2011’s ‘A Good Man Goes To War’, having previously returned in 2008’s ‘The Stolen Earth’, 2010’s ‘The End of Time: Part Two’ and 2010’s ‘The Pandorica Opens’. They also appeared in 2007’s The Sarah Jane Adventures story ‘Prisoner of the Judoon’ and a number of novels and comics.

The other monsters are the Hath. They appeared in the 2008 episode: 'The Doctor's Daughter'.

The Hath
The Hath

Other appearances: Two Hath were also seen at the bar that Jack Harkness is in at the end of 2010’s ‘The End of Time: Part Two’. The fish-like humanoids have also featured in several Doctor Who comic stories.

Well, we all know that in the end he will win. He faced many monsters before and has saved the planet many times before. I wonder what awaits for him in the future and (of course) in series 9! Are you excited? Because I am!

The Doctor is back on 19th September on BBC One with Clara in the episode ''The Magician's Apprentice''!

Check the awesome trailer below:



Which other monsters do you want to show up in series 9?
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