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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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So, I remember the first time I watched this and I couldn't understand the ending. And obviously what do you do if you can't understand an ending of a movie is you try to look for the original source and since I knew it was from a book of the same name, I found it was about the same.

I decided to look at the movie one more time and also I looked at other reviews regarding the movie, the reactions were about the same, and it was that the reviewers were curious about the ending, and then it hit me when looking at the other reviews they all agreed that this ending was just a cliffhanger hoping for a sequel. So does it deserve a sequel? Well, if I were to nitpick I'd say that it could benefit from a sequel as it could explain more about the need for only two children and the fact that Ender had come about because his parents sought permission from the academy to have a third child and thus, his name was Ender to indicate he was the last(this information is from the book btw).

But other than that, I'd say that this movie was solid on its own, it dove into the balance of the military academy and the line one could cross to simply shape a cadet into someone even better, essentially the best general/commander, but then again what about the psyche of the person as well? It dwells in the questions and makes you think about it as well and since Ender is just about 13, you can't help but feel sorry for him every single time he's challenged whether it be from authority or from his peers. It's true that in the end he gains all of their admiration but,you could also see that he lost something and to him it was his humanity because he had destroyed a whole planet with a life form in it.

This movie was creative in it's exploits of the space world it made you feel like you were in it,but I just can't discount the fact that they had the cliched bullies. Yes you could say they were put there to make his life harder and ensure that he did his ultimate best, eventually turning him into the best, but again, there's always to sides to it and I liked that they addressed that with his sister and some of his friends. So if you like a movie that has a "chosen one" but also is challenged a lot and not given a lot of tools to work with this is a movie for you.


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