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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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This show was "mathematical!". The characters were great, the story line granted was a little confusing but the ending was especially very satisfying, especially the resolution between Finn and his dad. Sure they never really made up, but it is implied that Finn accepts that his dad is different, just like Jake and just like everyone else. They are all unique in their own way. And this show, shows it.

With a spectrum of characters from Ice King to Princess Bubblegum and so many others, this is a show about camaraderie especially with the show centered on the two best friends, Finn and Jake. But I must admit the most heart wrenching story is the Ice King's. You can tell he's just a guy who isn't right in his mind, but we also want to know why and we get to, which was the simple fact of the crown on his head corrupting his mind. A lot of people associate the Ice King with Alzheimer's and I can see why, as somebody ages, they tend to lose memories of those who were close to them and sometimes of themselves, that's why Ice King never really recognizes Simon, his past self and of course Marcelin, somebody he had met when she was younger. And that's what makes this show great it's not really the adventures of Finn and Jake that's important but instead the level of passion and effort made into giving these characters life from the tragic back story of Ice King and the complicated back story of Bubblegum's. But, there was a little sting for me with the romantic side because I was wondering with Finn having to move on from Bubblegum for obvious reasons to Flame princess, a person he couldn't literally touch.

With that said, there was still some mystery for some characters, e.g Lemon Grab and Cinnamon Bun, but for them I can see why we want to keep wanting to know about all these characters there isn't time for all the characters, and it's easy to deduce that Lemon Grab's personality is susceptible to his sour Lemon innards. As for Cinnamon Bun, maybe he's just the Patrick of the show. Now comes the sad part, I never understood why the chose Finn and Jake; a boy and a dog, instead of two humans, but then again I looked back on the episode where it was a parallel universe and really thought about it. It's sad to say but in that episode it was implied that he was an only child and that Jake the dog was his only friend and that really makes sense. Because it also comes into play in their world as well were Finn constantly wants to distract himself from his loneliness with his adventures and wanting to spend time with Jake too, even after Jake becomes a dad.

And with this, this television show becomes so much more poignant and it becomes beautiful, it is a telling of wanting to have fun with your buddy, but also face some challenges along the way


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