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Now, as we all know, the Gibson is one of the most sophisticated, advanced and secure supercomputers in existence. Well, it was in 1995 anyway. These days it's merely a fancy relic with a computing power any guy with a smartphone would scoff at. There's not much value in the old hardware anymore, but it's not the hardware I'm interested in. It's information. The Gibson is said to contain the dirt on several former Ellingson Mineral Company bigwigs who, after the "Da Vinci"-scandal, left the company and laid low for two decades, only now resurfacing as prominent backers of a certain presidential candidates campaign. In other words, they should be ripe for blackmail right about now. The massive computer is now in a guarded storage facility with no power supply or internet connection, so getting a supply into the facility and doing the chacking on site is vital. Worse, the Gibson has a custom operating system written in an outdated programming language. There's likely to be severe compability issues with any equipment and programs available today. For the common man this is all but impossible, but with the right skillset, I might just raise the odds to very very unlikely. Not the perfect odds, but it'll have to do.

1. The DIY-mentality and knowhow of MacGyver

To even get into the storage facility, I'll need to distract or disable the guards and find my way in. I might also need specialized tools and an exit strategy, as well as a generator to power the old relic once I'm there. With his knowledge of how to build a bomb or a hairdryer out of paperclips and a piece of chewing gum, I'm gonna assume I'll find something at the scene to turn into whatever I might need.

2. Hackermans hacking skills.

Beating an outdated programming language with an even more outdated hacker, might not seem like the brightest idea. But someone who can simulate time travel with an old Commadore 64 minutes after getting introduced to the concept, should be able to fill in the blanks fairly quickly. Let's hope the Gibson is backwards compatible.

3. Multiplemans mutant ability.

In this day of silent alarms and video surveillance, I'll need a lookout to spot for trouble. As I'm working alone, that might be a problem unless I'm able to somehow... divide my attention, so to speak. Also, the last time someone tried to hack the Gibson, it fought back. They required a worldwide team of hackers under the banner "Hack the Planet" just to get one of them past the custom, very agressive firewall. Even with Hackermans skills, I might need a team of five to ten of myself to get through to the good stuff.


So, what does MP think? Will this be enough to hack the Gibson?


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