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It is no secret that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most beautiful and most loved Hollywood celebrities. She is a super-talented actress with a big heart to match. A few weeks back you may have heard that in the midst of her chaotic filming schedule, sweet Jennifer took time out to visit Shriners Hospitals for Children in Canada. Whatever this actress does she often does it like a whimsical Disney princess, raising smiles and lifting hearts around her. She sure shares the same personality traits with the kind-hearted Disney Princesses.

There have been quite few times where Jennifer has shown an uncanny resemblance to those sweet Princesses

Like that time when she tripped up in her Dior gown at the 2013 Academy Awards. The scene really looked like one we had already seen before:

Then there was that time at the Golden Globes she turned up looking like this

And Jennifer shares the same badass skills as Merida

She has even mastered the art of that Pocahontas gaze

Now, it looks like she is practicing the role of Ariel

Remember this scene of Ariel and her trusty dingelhopper?

Scuttle even gave himself a pretty rad punk rock hair-do with this fun tool

Did you ever seen such a stylish seagull before?

Jennifer has just been spotted trying out the dingelhopper too!

The humble fork can style your hair just like the stars'! So the next time you go on vacation and forget your hair brush the dingelhopper may just save the day!

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe she's Ariel.

Could Jennifer be getting into character for a new role as Ariel? A live-action for The Little Mermaid has been announced by Disney. But Disney is still keeping us all in suspense with who the cast may be. I think it is about time that Jennifer gets casted as a Disney Princess, she is just perfect for the role!


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