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Prolific treasure hunter Lara Croft, made famous by the excellent video game series Tomb Raider, has remained a pop culture icon after her first digital incarnation appeared on screens way back in 1996.

It's no surprise then that she's inspired countless cosplayers from around the globe to emulate her kick-ass look. These are 18 of the best you'll find, which, if nothing else, have convinced me that we're well overdue a movie reboot. Take a look...

1. Double Threat

[Source: Lena-Lara]

2. Bow-dacious Croft

[Source: MeliCosplay]

3. Hardened Hunter

[Source: Alexa Karii]

4. Stick 'em Up

[Source: Jenn Croft]

5. Woodland Warrior

[Source: Illyne cosplay]

6. Dressed to Kill

[Source: Anastasya01]

7. Wet Work

[Source: Bianca Beauchamp]

8. Master Explorer

[Source: Shermie-Cosplay]

9. Throwback Croft

[Source: c-edward]

10. Locked and Loaded

[Source: Katsurag Cosplay]

11. Armed and Dangerous

[Source: Unknown]

12. Tomb Raiding

[Source: Giorgia Cosplay]

13. Steampunk Lara

[Source: Meagan Marie]

14. Double Agent

[Source: Meagan Marie]

15. Smokin'

[Source: LeeAnnaVamp]

16. Down and Dirty

[Source: Lena-Lara]

17. Romp in the Woods

[Source: Monika Lee]

18. Leggy Lara

[Source: Unknown]


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