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Is Disneyland too happy, sunny and joyous for you? Do you feel like that cynical, depressed and miserable part of your being isn't being catered to by the theme park industry? Well, then, Banksy's new art filled amusement park, Dismaland is probably your cup of grimy, drizzly tea.

The famously anonymous British street artist recently turned a dilapidated lido in England's Weston-Super-Mare into an alternative 'theme park' filled with art from Banksky himself, as well as other artists. The creation, dubbed Dismaland, has already attracted thousands of visitors, so much in fact, the park's website was unable to handle the burden.

Now the floodgates have been flung open, we can get a better look at what lurks within the 'bemusement' park.

Add a friendly tone to your urban oppression

Weston-Super-Mare added 'Super' to its name to make it sound more attractive... It didn't work

A helpful reminder pointing to the toilets

The park also features designated narcissism spots

It wouldn't be Banksy without some scathing satire about our media consumption

The staff are just as warm and friendly as Disneyland's

It even has its own pirate cove

And totally fair and not rigged game sideshows

Banksy's take on the all-mighty Disney dollar

The park operators would like to remind you...

It seems like Banksy is taking his usual side-swipe at a lot of subjects with Dismaland, with some suggesting the attendees themselves could even be the butt of the joke. However, it's hard not to notice the famed street artist is somewhat setting his sights on Disney themselves.

This certainly isn't new territory for Banksy, as Disneyland also featured in his Oscar nominated documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. You can watch that scene, which features Banksy's friend and confidant being interrogated by the 'Mickey Mouse security team,' below:

Dismaland will remain on the Weston-Super-Mare seafront for five weeks. If you're in the area and want to see what all the fuss is about, head over to the official website to order tickets. At £3 each, it's considerably cheaper than Disneyland.


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