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While most of us are focused on the upcoming sixth season of The Walking Dead, it was a question about what will happen when the show is finished that caught the eye of Norman Reedus over the weekend.

Twitter user @34inXXIII boldly stepped up and asked Reedus if he'd be open to a spin-off prequel series involving Merle and Daryl Dixon, when The Walking Dead finishes its run. While the thought of The Walking Dead ever ending might be a bit sad, Reedus' eager response will soon cheer you back up again:

How awesome would that be?

Of course, this isn't the first time that the idea of a Daryl Dixon spin-off has been floated, and in fact Merle and Daryl are already the stars of video game spinoff The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

Daryl and Merle in The Walking Dead
Daryl and Merle in The Walking Dead

Reedus has also jokingly suggested his own Daryl Dixon spin-off before, back in October 2012. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Reedus mused that a Daryl and Carol spin-off could be fun, saying:

"We were talking about having a spinoff and it’s Daryl and Carol living in Central Park, and all the squirrels are going missing so Bloomberg’s putting out announcements that the squirrels are disappearing and we have sort of a [distillery] and tourist come by… and we try to charge them money. We have theme song that goes, ‘Carol is sterile and Daryl is feral/a match made in hell.’ So you never know, maybe that will happen."

While that spin-off sounds totally crazy, the Daryl and Merle prequel is something that could totally work, especially given the fact that the Dixons are 100% original characters to the TV show, not appearing in the comic series at all.

Michael Rooker, the actor who played Merle until the character's death in Season 3, was also asked about a Dixon brother spin-off at Fan Expo Vancouver in 2013, and the star responded:

"If me and Norman had any more scenes than we already had in that series, it would already be the Merle and Daryl show. Robert Kirkman has a lot of things on his plate, and I don't know if that thought has ever crossed his mind, but he's a busy camper, and I haven't talked to him about it."

Since then, Robert Kirkman's workload has not quietened down, with his brand new show, companion series Fear the Walking Dead recently debuting. However with Fear premiering to record numbers (over 10 million fans!), perhaps those numbers show that there is a place for a Daryl and Merle prequel show somewhere in the future? I know a lot of fans would be ecstatic if there was.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 6 on October 11th

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