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Remember last year, when Leonardo DiCaprio put on a little weight, grew a beard, donned some dodgy specks and the internet collectively gasped at the resemblance his The Departed co-star Jack Nicholson?

And then there was this Japanese TV interview and things got a little weirder?

Yeah? Well, over at Buzzfeed another branch of the Nicho-DiCap tree of resemblance has been unearthed and, although we're not quite as sold on this one, we must admit there's a little something in it.

Check out Jack Nicholson hanging out with his son, Raymond...

Also wave to the Olsen in the background!
Also wave to the Olsen in the background!

Notice anything? No? Here's a close up. Squint a bit, it helps.

Still not getting it? Well, it has been claimed that Raymond is, in fact, Leo's long lost twin!

Just kidding, but they do look quite alike. Perhaps more so than Leo and Raymond's dad, what do you think?

Could Jack have been picturing his son the whole time? And the 'uncanny' resemblance be the reason for the duo working so well together on set?

I guess we'll never know!


Do you see the resemblance?

(Source: Buzzfeed)


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