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Warning: Spoilers up ahead!

I doubt that I'm still the only one reeling from the scene in which Jon Snow is stabbed a bunch in the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones.

Like many, I looked on in horror at the events unfolding before my eyes, but then, like many, refused to accept that Jon was well and truly dead. Call it deep denial or whatever, but there are indeed many indicators pointing towards the fact that we haven't seen the end of Lord Snow.

Yet, despite Kit Harrington recently being spotted in Belfast, where the next series is being filmed, showrunner D. B. Weiss continues to adamantly state that "dead is dead." But for hardcore fans, this has come to mean nothing at all.

Yes, Jon Snow might be 100% dead but remember, the world of Game of Thrones is not the real world. Here, death is more of a relative term, not necessarily permanent. So for many of us, the question is not IF he's dead, but more HOW he will be brought back to life.

Let's explore some options!

1. He will warg into Ghost

In the books, Jon Snow has warged into his dire-wolf Ghost on numerous occasions so it is totally feasible to suggest that when he was stabbed, he simply transferred his consciousness over.

Earlier this year, Kit Harrington touched on this theory during a panel event. He said:

"I'd like to be a warg. I’d like to put myself inside a wolf."

To which the show's creator D. B. Weiss replied:

"Two words for you: Season 6."


2. Melisandre will resurrect him

Melisandre, the Red Priestess, is at Castle Black when Jon Snow collapses.

As we know from the books and the series, the priests of R'hllor have the mysterious power to resurrect the dead via Thoros of Myr. And the Lord of Light phenomenon has even bought back Ser Beric Dondarrion to life countless times, to the shock and horror of Arya. Here's the clip:

It seems that both the books and the series went to great lengths to have Melisandre be at Castle Black when Jon was attacked. Although she hasn't done it before and is unaware of her own potential, she knows that resurrection is possible (remember she met Thoros on the show and not the books!) so perhaps now is her time to act.

After all, she has certainly already demonstrated her supernatural prowess when she birthed that horrendous shadow that killed Renly Baratheon. And what's more is that she's been on a search for a man to be reborn as the legendary warrior Azor Ahai - the one who is destined to save them all from the 'Other.' Stannis clearly wasn't the right choice, so now she needs a new messiah.

Plus, if we simply focus on the narrative in the books, at the end of the most recent one, she does actually utter the words:

“I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R’hllor shows me only Snow.”

Note the emphasis on the 'S.'

3. Jon Snow will be reborn in fire

Jon Snow's murky parentage might manifest itself into something glorious - after all, the theory that he is the secret son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark might actually be true!

Speculation suggests that Ned actually adopted Snow and kept him secret to prevent Robert Baratheon from murdering him in his efforts to kill all Targaryens.

If Jon Snow is in fact a Targaryen, he will also have that special relationship with fire running in his veins. We only have to look back to that time that Danaerys emerged unscathed from Khal Drogo's burial fire to see how that worked out:

The point is, if the Watch performs the standard funeral procedures on Jon's body, when it is burned, his Targaryen blood might be activated, as perhaps his possible destiny as Azor Azhai. In this way, he could be brought back to life.

4. Jon Snow will return as a White Walker

We saw what the leader of the White Walker did to thousands of wildlings with one arm raise at the end of the last season - thousands of slaughtered innocents were resurrected to form a mindless army of wights, ready to perform the White Walker's every order.

Now, if Jon Snow was similarly resurrected, I can hardly believe that he would just become a mere minion ice zombie - he's far too important for that.

However, I'm sure you'll agree that there is something rather unsettling about the exchange of glares that were had at the end of the epic battle in the episode 'Hardhome.' The leader of the White Walkers clearly saw something extraordinary in Jon Snow and singled him out, which makes me wonder if he has extra special plans for him. See what I mean by re-watching the spine-tingling exchange here:

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