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Where is GTA 6 going to take us? What kind of a city will we be inhabiting for hours on end? What kind of map size are we talking? We're dying to know what Rockstar has in store for us after their remarkable achievement with GTA V. We may see a whole host of playable characters, we may see a combination of various locations - we have no idea.

But what's your dream idea for GTA 6? Does Rockstar need to take their three protagonist model and incorporate that into the design of their map? Should we be able to visit various locations - each one with its own style and culture? Red Dead Redemption did it years ago with showing us the clash between nations with the Old West and Mexico - why can't GTA 6 do it?

The Map for Red Dead Redemption
The Map for Red Dead Redemption

Is This Your Dream Map for GTA 6?

Recently, off the back of Ubisoft's The Crew, I explored the idea of GTA 6 featuring a representation of the entire USA with its map. It would be a massive leap for Rockstar to take and it may not be exactly possible in the way that they'd dream - but it would be amazing. Rather than focusing on a singular culture and time, Rockstar could incorporate the cultural aspects of various cities in one game.

They could further explore the clashes between ideologies and States. There are so many different relations and difficulties that exist between States in America, exploring these in one enormous map would be a fantastic way to expand upon the awesomeness of GTA V. But what exactly would you like to see Rockstar accomplish with GTA 6? Are you pleased with their one-city formula? Or are you ready to venture to various different locations again like we did with Red Dead?

The Beautiful GTA V
The Beautiful GTA V

What Do You Want On Release Date?

In terms of improving upon GTA V, there's only one area that I'd love to see completely fixed: Online. GTA Online is pretty incredible, but as it stands, it has a fair few issues. For starters, the loading times to get into a game are enough to make you want to quit. You'll find yourself sitting around looking at your phone for ages before GTA Online throws you into a match. It's worth it once you get in, but it an improved system would be much appreciated. Also, hackers.

Additionally, I'd love to have GTA 6 feature a lot more player choice than GTA V. The decision that we were left with in GTA 5 was strange and unappealing. If there are more options to affect the course of the narrative in GTA 6, I'll be happy. But what do you want from Rockstar's next game? What kind of map do you want and where do you want to see improvements? Let us know in the comments below!


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