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(Warning - the following may contain SPOILERS for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the extended DCCU beyond it. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests...)

With all the rumors floating around the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it can sometimes be a little challenging to work out just which to believe, and which to chuckle gently at while closing the tab in your browser.

That's especially true of murmurings related to Batman's long-time sidekick, Robin, seeing as the sheer weight of - often conflicting - rumors relating to the young hero's potential appearance could crush a moose. After all, with multiple Robins having been heavily suggested to appear, it's seemingly impossible to know which rumor to trust.

What, though, if narrowing them down wasn't quite so necessary?

What if There Are Set to Be Multiple Robins in Batman v Superman?

Specifically, what if more than one of the rumors relating to Robin are true - and, as a result, we're set to see Batman v Superman feature more than one Robin?

The logic there?

Well, take a look at a handful of the plot possibilities we've heard thus far:

And, of course:

Now, some of those are more likely than others - and it's entirely possible that none of them will be true at all - but the intriguing part of them all?

They don't eliminate the possibility of more than one Robin appearing in Batman v Superman.

After all, the DC comic book universe has made room for a whole bunch of Robins, with multiple generations of sidekick having gradually been promoted to full, independent superhero status.

Is It Really Possible, Though, That We'll Actually See Multiple Robins in Batman v Superman?

From the sounds of it, yes, yes it is.

After all, seeing as we know Batman has previously had at least one Robin-themed sidekick...

...and that something has happened to them (whether it's being killed, or simply stepping down from the role)...

...there's really no reason to believe that Batman v Superman isn't set to bring at least one costumed Robin to the DC cinematic universe, after Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series largely avoided the character.

How Many Robins Could We See, Though?

Well, that largely depends on what's happened in the past. If (as in the comic book canon, and as has been suggested by some of the rumors floating around) Dick Grayson is alive, and operating as Nightwing, then it's entirely possible we could see as many as three.

After all, there's still the distinct possibility that we'll see Jason Todd end up having something awful happen to him (therefore setting up his reappearance as the villainous(ish) Red Hood in a later movie)... well as a good chance of us seeing a new Robin emerge during the course of the movie - symbolizing Batman's return to active heroism. If that's the case, then the chances of that Robin being Carrie Kelley are pretty solid, seeing as the movie is set to be heavily based on her most notable comic book appearance, The Dark Knight Returns.

Alternatively, there are a whole lot of other configurations of Robin-appearances that could work - including, of course, the possibility that we won't actually see a single boy or girl wonder at all...

What do you reckon, though?


How many Robins will we see in Batman v Superman?


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